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GearNews - Scubapro S620Ti Regulator Second Stage

4 December 2017
Scubapro says that its new second stage offers lower work of breathing as a result of advances in optimising air-flow, with the balanced design allowing use of a lighter spring that reduces cracking effort for easier inhalation.

GearNews - Nauticam NA-D850 Camera Housing

30 November 2017
Nikon's all-professional D850 camera with full-frame 47.5-megapixel sensor shoots 7 frames per second stills and 4K video.

GearNews - Waterproof G50 Glove

23 November 2017
The G50 glove from Swedish coldwater diving expert Waterproof is made from 5mm Superstretch neoprene and aims to provide both warmth and dexterity.

GearNews - Suunto EON Core Computer

20 November 2017
Outstanding readability is just one of the benefits Suunto claims for its EON Core computer.

GearNews - Apeks XL4 Regulator

16 November 2017
This newcomer from Apeks is travel-friendly, weighing in at only 905gm, and designed to be fused with extreme coldwater performance.

GearNews - Waterproof WP Skin Full Rashguard

13 November 2017
This one-piece garment is designed to provide a little extra warmth as well as protection from the sun and some stingers.

GearNews - Seac Guru Computer

9 November 2017
The Guru sets out to be your diving oracle.

GearNews - Seac Italica Mask

23 October 2017
The frame of the new Italica mask is made of polycarbonate with chromed metal inserts and closures and stainless-steel screws.

GearNews - Zybax Scuba Cleaner & Odour Eliminator

19 October 2017
Anywhere that dive and swimsuits are hung up they can soon begin to whiff unpleasantly, unless rinsed out thoroughly with a cleaner.

GearNews - Dry Bag Pro

16 October 2017
This isn’t a 'dry bag' as we know it but a bag that's supposed to help dry things out

GearNews - BARE Velocity Ultra Wetsuit

12 October 2017
BARE claims that its “Celliant Infrared & Progressive Full Stretch Technology” provides an unsurpassed fit and longer, warmer dives for owners of its mid-priced Velocity Ultra wetsuits.

GearNews - Leak Insure Moisture Absorbent Extra Value Pack

9 October 2017
Every underwater photographer dreads a flood, and Leak Insure packs of absorbent granules are meant to soak up water if the worst happens, and give you time to save your camera.

GearNews - Dive Rite Helmet

5 October 2017
As technical diving becomes more popular, more divers employ helmets to prevent injuries in overhead environments such as caves and wrecks, especially when using scooters.

GearNews - Scubapro Hydros Pro BC

28 September 2017
Built using Scubapro’s “Fluid-Form 3D Gel System”, the Hydros Pro is unlike any other BC on the market, says the manufacturer.

GearNews - Scubapro UPF Collection Rash-Guards & Steamer

11 September 2017
All of Scubapro's UPF rash-guard collection is rated UPF 50 or above, which means 'Excellent' category protection from the sun.

GearNews - Suex XJ VR Scooter

07 September 2017
The Submarine Exploration Co was founded in 1999 with the goal, it says, of building “a high-performance technical-diving vehicle for all diving professionals and applications, long-ran...

GearNews - Typhoon Vision Mask

4 September 2017
This twin-lens, low-volume mask with silicon skirt is designed for female faces and those of junior divers.

GearNews - Christopher Ward C60 Trident Limited Edition Watches

31 August 2017
Reassuringly designed for depths down to 600m, Christopher Ward has introduced limited-edition models of its C60 Trident Pro COSC and C60 Trident Day Date COSC diver watches.

GearNews - Bigblue AL-1200NP Light

28 August 2017
With an XML LED light source and four output levels from 120-1200 lumens and an 8degree spot beam, this dive-light has a claimed burntime of two hours on full brightness (and up to 20 hou...

GearNews - Divesangha DS Dry Garments

24 August 2017
How do you get dry quickly and comfortably after leaving the water? Divesangha addresses this 'pain-point' with three new microfibre products to add to the Poncho (£50), its existin...

GearNews - Bigblue VL 15000P Pro Mini Tri Colour

21 August 2017
Liquid Sports says of the VL 15000P video light: 'Never in the history of underwater photography has a light this size and weight produced such amount of light without external battery-pa...

GearNews - Aquaprop Scooter

17 August 2017
Sea & Sea is now UK distributor for the compact and lightweight Aquaprop underwater scooter, which is 56cm long and weighs in at 6kg.

GearNews - BARE AquaTrek Drysuit

14 August 2017
This Cordura Nylon Oxford four-layer membrane suit is designed with weight-saving and durability in mind, says the manufacturer.

GearNews - Stahlsac Storm Back Pack

10 August 2017
This new 52 x 27 x 17cm (26-litre) waterproof roll-top dive-bag has a ventilated back panel, outside pocket, adjustable sternum-strap, removable hi-vis liner, laptop and tablet sleeves an...

GearNews - Scubapro Galileo G2 Computer

7 August 2017
The Galileo was ground-breaking when it emerged 10 years ago - a computer that could reflect a diver's fitness by taking heart-rate, skin- and water-temperature and breathing-rate into ac...

GearNews - Ratio IX3M Easy Pro Computer

3 August 2017
This Italian-made four-button, two-nitrox-mix unit has a big 2.8in QVGA screen, 3D compass, a claimed 40 hours' diving from the rechargeable battery and both acoustic, vibrating and visua...

GearNews - SeaLife Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam Light

31 July 2017
Want to sea marine life in its full fluorescent glory?

GearNews - Typhoon Multisport 4 Drysuit

27 July 2017
The Multisport 4 is designed not only for divers but for 'maximum movement' in waterborne action sports, says Typhoon International.

GearNews - ParaLenz Underwater Action Camera

24 July 2017
A Danish start-up has developed this underwater camcorder that has a claimed 200m depth rating without an extra housing.

GearNews - Santi 360 Undersuit

12 June 2017
This two-piece, consisting of a sleeveless body overall and a zipped jacket, is designed for diving in water below 7C and is said to be ideal for long, deep deco-dives.