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Szanto 5100/5120 Dive Watches

8 June 2017
These US watches combine traditional design with contemporary standards, says Sea & Sea, which now offers them in the UK.

TUSA TA-0902 Universal Bungee Strap

5 June 2017
This 'one size fits all' fin-strap offers five adjustable positions to suit all foot sizes and most open-heel fin models, says TUSA.

Subal Navy Line Underwater Housings

1 June 2017
They certainly look tough enough!

Si Tech Slaggo Flex Ring

29 May 2017
Need a 'flexible modular quick-change solution' for repairing broken drysuit wrist-seals fast - without tools or glueing? Swedish manufacturer Si Tech promises just that with the Slaggo Flex Ring.

SwimCell 100% Waterproof Cases

25 May 2017
If you like to keep your phone and tablet with you at all times, including the dive-boat, you can take the drybag route or opt for a case that claims to maintain the instrument’s functionality – typing, browsing, making calls, taking underwater photos.

Ratio iDive Easy Sport Computer

22 May 2017
This new dive-computer can be paired with one or two transmitters to integrate your gas supply, and handles two nitrox mixes.

Scubapro Jet Club Fins

18 May 2017
The new Jet Club full-foot fin comes with an ergonomic foot pocket-according to Scubapro, this allows the diver to enjoy remarkable foot-comfort while benefitting from impressive kicking performance.

Waterproof Meshtec

15 May 2017
The latest thermal insulating undergarment from Waterproof is made from the same 3D mesh lining as is found in its D1 hybrid drysuit.

TUSA Roller Dive Bags

11 May 2017
These bags are said to be robustly built and feature expandable heavy-duty pull-handles and twin wheels.

Nauticam NA A6500 Housing

8 May 2017
This housing for the Sony Alpha A6500 mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera features an oversized paddle-shutter release lever, AE-L/AF-L thumb lever and Nauticam's port-locking system.

O'Three's new-season suit offer

13 April 2017
Suit specialist O'Three has come up with a special offer for the 2017 dive season.

Zeagle Diver Tool Kit

4 May 2017
The kit contains a 15cm stainless-steel dive-knife with 4.5cm serrated blade and a pair of stainless-steel EMT shears.

Seac R20 Torch

1 May 2017
The rechargeable R20 LED torch has three settings offering 100% and 50% outputs, plus a strobe mode for attracting attention.

Limes Endurance PD Watches

27 April 2017
The dial on these diver wristwatches shows only a minute scale, oversized luminous indices and the date at 6 o'clock.

Aqua Lung Pearl BC

24 April 2017
This wraparound, hybrid-style jacket BC for women offers an adjustable waistband and curved shoulder-straps that are said to provide a customisable and comfortable fit.

TUSA Hyflex Switch Fins

20 April 2017
Powered by TUSA's PuriMax polyurethane blade system, these fins are said to provide a quick, 'snappy' response to every move the diver makes.

Subal GX80 Camera Housing

10 April 2017
This housing fits the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80 digital camera and is said to provide full access to all camera functions, including the ability to open and also close the built-in flash.

Bigblue AL-2600XWP Dive Light

6 April 2017
This new light produces a maximum output of 2600 lumens of white light at a colour temperature of 6500K.

OverBoard 5ltr Dry Tube Bag

3 April 2017
Made of durable nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin with welded seams and OverBoard's "Fold Seam System" to provide a 100% waterproof rating.

Ratio Light Coded Transmitter

30 March 2017
Italian dive instrument-maker Ratio has introduced a Light Coded Transmitter that provides wireless gas-integration for its iDive and iX3M dive-computers.

Seac Jack Computer

27 March 2017
Seac's Jack is a wristwatch-style dive-computer designed primarily for freedivers, but it can also be used for single-mix nitrox or air scuba.

Aqua Lung Reveal X1 & X2 Masks

23 March 2017
These new masks use the maker's "Advanced Fit Technology" with a wraparound design claimed to provide an excellent fit on a wide range of face shapes.

Aqua Lung Argonaut Stunt Knives

20 March 2017
With shorter blades than the original Argonaut models, these new knives come with either a Spartan or Blunt tip.

Zeagle F8 Regulator

16 March 2017
US gear-maker Zeagle in partnership with Atomic Aquatics has released a new flagship balanced-diaphragm regulator.

ZwimZuit Neoprene Bikini Collection

9 March 2017
ZwimZuit's British-made range of fitness bikinis feature thin neoprene panels that the maker says enable women to be as active or relaxed as they wish to be while their bikinis stay where...

Scubapro Reporter Bag

6 March 2017
Scubapro's new Reporter bag offers three main compartments, including a dedicated laptop / tablet pocket, a large clothing compartment and another for camera gear, plus additional smaller...

Limes Endurance Neptun Divers Watch

2 March 2017
German watchmaker Limes has added a redesigned Neptun model to its range of diver timepieces.

Apeks MTX-R Regulator

27 February 2017
The new MTX-R is the recreational derivative of the military-grade MTX, a regulator developed in accordance with US Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme coldwater tests, and we're told tha...

TUSA IQ 1204 DC-Solar Link Dive Computer

23 February 2017
This new TUSA instrument supports four gas mixes between 21 and 100% O2 as well as Gauge and Freedive modes.

Over Board Waterproof Tech Cases

20 February 2017
Sports-bag maker Over Board has released a series of cases to protect iPhone, Android, iPad and Kindle devices on or around the water.