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Orca sightings in West Country

21 June 2018
Rare sightings of orca reported off England's south-west coast have received a conditional nod from cetacean experts.

Sea-Changers focuses on plastics

20 June 2018
Tackling plastic pollution of the seas provides the main focus in the latest cash dispersal from Sea-Changers.

HMS Invincible: swivel guns and rubbish

19 June 2018
Archaeologists into their second summer of excavation on the wreck of HMS Invincible say they have been surprised by the levels of pollution in Solent waters, with a large amount of litter lodged in the 18th-century warship making their task even more challenging.

British diver blows away bubble-ring record

18 June 2018
The Guinness World Record for Most Air-Rings Blown Under Water has been broken by British scuba diver Paul Henson of the Mercia SAA 27 dive-club in Nottingham.

Family press for missing-diver clues

17 June 2018
Discovery of the camera of a Jordanian technical diver lost on a 108m-deep wreck dive in April has prompted his family to press police for details of their investigations.

£78,000 Titanic dives put back a year

16 June 2018
The "Titanic Survey Expedition", promoted amid some excitement last year, was supposed to take place in May - but stormy Atlantic weather scuppered the idea, and the series of three 2.5-mile-deep submersible dives for the paying public has now been put back to 2019.

Atlantic kelp forests show warming effects

15 June 2018
Rising water temperatures in the north-east Atlantic are slowing growth and decreasing local biodiversity in coastal kelp forests, new research has revealed.

Intercontinental Shootout about to start

14 June 2018
The second "Shootout" underwater photography competition between teams from two vastly different continents gets underway on 16 June, and is set to continue for a week.

Cage-diving wastes great whites' energy

13 June 2018
Wildlife tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry, bringing a danger of altering the behaviour of the species it targets.

MBE for Alex Mustard

12 June 2018
Leading underwater photographer Alex Mustard, who writes the influential Be The Champ! feature on how to take award-winning images in DIVER every month, has been awarded an MBE for special achievement in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Diver does swimmer a good turn

11 June 2018
A scuba diver has saved a swimmer weeks of difficulties after retrieving her prosthetic leg from the murky River Tees.

Have your say on marine protection, urges MCS

10 June 2018
The Marine Conservation Society is urging the public to take part in the UK Government's consultation on the third and final round of Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) designation, which it believes could result in 40% of English seas being protected.

Girls that form underwater pyramids

9 June 2018
Forty-eight women formed into a seven-layer pyramid have made a bid for a new category of Guinness World Record - for most female divers under water at one time.

Mission 2020 launched on World Oceans Day

8 June 2018
Mission 2020, an initiative designed to demonstrate the commitment of the global diving industry to protecting the oceans, is being launched today (8 June) to tie in with World Oceans Day.

Any diver missing a ring?

7 June 2018
A gold wedding ring was spotted recently by a Maltese freediving instructor - 15m down at the bottom of Gozo's well-known Blue Hole site.

Sea Shepherd pushes HK on shark-fin smuggling

6 June 2018
An illegal 980kg shipment of shark-fins flown to Hong Kong from Sri Lanka has been uncovered by Sea Shepherd Hong Kong.

Fraud trial of Channel diver and skipper under way

5 June 2018
Two men are standing trial for fraud, after being accused of plundering for profit the wreck of HMS Hermes, the victim of a U-boat torpedo strike in the Straits of Dover in 1914.

Reluctant hero carries out river rescue

4 June 2018
A diving instructor has been hailed as a hero after jumping into the River Tyne beside Newcastle's Millennium Bridge to save a woman from drowning.

Blue whale in the Red Sea

3 June 2018
A blue whale has been seen in the Red Sea for the first time on record.

President's guns found off Cornwall

2 June 2018
Divers in Cornwall have discovered seven cannon and an anchor thought to be from one of the richest ships ever wrecked in Britain.

Scapa operator moves to block new lawsuit

1 June 2018
Orkney-based Scapa Flow Charters is asking the UK's Supreme Court to block a damages claim made in the name of six-year-old Vincent Warner. The boy's father, technical diver Lex Warner, d...

Coroner's intro-dive recommendations released

31 May 2018
Twelve dive-safety recommendations that could have major implications for Australia's diving industry if implemented have been released by the Central Queensland Coroner investigating the...

Two divers die in Dutch lake

30 May 2018
The bodies of two divers have been recovered from an inland site called Grevelingenmeer in the Netherlands.

Nights at the museum

29 May 2018
A series of talks has been arranged to take place during special Saturday-evening openings of the Diving Museum in Gosport, Hampshire this summer.

Is this the last glimpse of HMS Anson?

27 May 2018
The site of the 18th-century wreck of HMS Anson is threatened by new pipework to be built through Loe Bar in Cornwall.

Farrell inquest highlights dive-training shortcomings

26 May 2018
Absence of training in emergency-ascent procedures for first-time divers has emerged as one point of concern at a new hearing into the death of British tourist Bethany Farrell more than t...

Dive-trail for Gun Rocks

25 May 2018
A dive-trail has been opened at Gun Rocks in the Farne Islands off Northumberland to make it easier for divers to find their way through the kelp-covered wreck-site

RN tug mystery solved 74 years on

24 May 2018
Seventy-four years after the Royal Navy tugboat Empire Wold mysteriously disappeared during a WW2 rescue mission, the wreck has been discovered off the Icelandic coast - and the fate of h...

Step back into history at Poole

23 May 2018
The Annual International Conference on the History of Diving is set to be held at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution College, Poole, Dorset on Saturday, 3 November.

Cash boost for shark charity

22 May 2018
The single biggest donation ever received by the charity Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation has come from European entrepreneurs who recently enjoyed an eight-day shark-diving trip to ...

Trash means prizes in Seaside Scavenge

21 May 2018
A beach-clean with a difference is set to take place on Cornwall's Watergate Bay beach near Newquay on Wednesday, 30 May.

New blue whale population confirmed

19 May 2018
A large population of blue whales found between New Zealand's North and South islands has been identified as genetically distinct from other southern-hemisphere blue whales, according to ...

Madagascar recognised as whale-shark hotspot

18 May 2018
Madagascar has been identified as a hotspot for feeding juvenile whale sharks in a newly published report.

Diver's death linked to exercise

17 May 2018
The death of a British scuba diver in the Canary Islands last year has been linked to the fact that she had been out for a long run the night before.

British fatality in Malta named

16 May 2018
The British diver who died on the island of Malta on 8 May has been named as Andrew Longden, 50, a retired firefighter from Bollington in Cheshire.

Discover UK Diving at Wraysbury with Suunto

15 May 2018
TV diver and explorer Andy Torbet joins other guest-presenters lined up to attend "Discover UK Diving", the latest of Suunto Diving UK's product-demo weekends - this one to be held at Wra...

New probe into Farrell GBR death

14 May 2018
More than three years after the death of British first-time diver Bethany Farrell on the Great Barrier Reef, a new inquest is to be held in Australia this month.

Jazz cool for sharks - Mozart, maybe

12 May 2018
Sharks can appreciate jazz - but struggle to distinguish it from classical music. So say researchers at the Macquarie University Fish Lab in Sydney, Australia.

Second incident in Malta

11 May 2018
A French diver was said by Malta police to have sustained "grievous injuries" after getting into difficulties on a group dive in Xatt l-Ahmar Bay, Gozo on Wednesday (9 May).

Hawaii set to ban 'coral-killer' sunscreens

10 May 2018
The Kilauea volcano is grabbing the headlines, but the Pacific US state of Hawaii has also just made news by passing a bill to ban sale and distribution of the majority of sunscreens - th...