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Rooswijk wreck-finds go on show

18 August 2017
New finds from the wreck of the Rooswijk, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) vessel that sank on Goodwin Sands off Kent in January 1740, are to be displayed at open days this Saturday (19 August) and on 16 September.

Underwater sculptor asked to steal his own works

16 August 2017
Underwater art installations have become popular as artists aim to emulate the likes of sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, but there are hazards.

Canadian wreck-diver's body found

15 August 2017
Divers have recovered the body of the Canadian technical diver who went missing off Donegal's north coast on Saturday afternoon (12 August).

Search continues for diver off Donegal

14 August 2017
The search for a Canadian technical diver missing off Ireland's north coast is continuing into a third day (Monday, 14 August).

19-year-old dies on Zakynthos freedive

12 August 2017
A British watersports instructor has died while freediving off the island of Zakynthos in Greece.

James Eagan Layne stripped of 'ghost gear'

11 August 2017
Around 100kg of "ghost gear" - abandoned fishing nets - was removed from the popular wreck of the James Eagan Layne off Plymouth by divers last weekend (5/6 August).

Maldives coral damage threatens 'survival of nation'

10 August 2017
Dire warnings about coral destruction and the future of the Maldives have been issued by international conservation body Biosphere Expeditions, in the wake of its eighth annual reef survey expedition. And resort development is among the causes being held to blame.

How to avoid dive-wrecking in-flight colds

8 August 2017
Readers' answers to a Big Question to be published in September's Diver magazine have confirmed that many divers worry about contracting infections in the run-up to what may well be expensive diving holidays.

How climate-change affects UK seas

7 August 2017
Climate-change is affecting marine species and habitats in UK waters - though not necessarily in the ways anticipated 10 years ago.

Kent & Essex divers set example on finds

5 August 2017
More than 100 archaeological and historical marine finds have been submitted during the first 12 months of the Marine Antiquities Scheme.

Insurer withdraws cover for Guernsey divers

3 August 2017
A leading insurer has withdrawn cover for sport-divers in Guernsey in the Channel Islands because of concerns about current arrangements for hyperbaric treatment there.

CCR diver dies in shallows in Cyprus

2 August 2017
A British rebreather diver has died on a shore-dive in less than 2m of water after watching his two children training in Green Bay near Larnaca, Cyprus.

Two die in Scotland, one in Ireland

1 August 2017
Two Scottish divers died on 29 July after being recovered from the sea at Castlebay on the Hebridean island of Barra.

More super-corals - in the Red Sea

31 July 2017
The latest news of "super-corals" that might be capable of resisting the bleaching effects brought on by climate change comes from the Gulf of Aqaba in the northern Red Sea.

Divers retrieve Lusitania's main telegraph

29 July 2017
Recreational divers have recovered the main ship's telegraph from the WW1 wreck of the RMS Lusitania at the Head of Kinsale off Ireland's west Cork coast. The artefact is now undergoing preliminary conservation ashore.

Microbead ban welcomed by environmentalists

28 July 2017
In a pledge to take action to reduce the plastic waste threatening to choke the world's oceans and marine life, the UK Government has confirmed that it will introduce legislation this autumn to ban the sale and manufacture of microbeads in cosmetics and products such as toothpastes and shower-gels.

Steven Slater dies on Andrea Doria dive

27 July 2017
British technical wreck-diver Steven Slater, 46, from Gateshead, has died following a dive on the deep-lying Andrea Doria shipwreck off the eastern USA.

Fourni shipwrecks keep turning up

26 July 2017
Fourni archipelago in the Aegean Sea just keeps on producing historic shipwrecks.

Freediver dies at Dahab's Blue Hole

24 July 2017
Irish freediver Stephen Keenan, co-owner of the Egyptian dive-centre Dahab Freedivers, has died while acting as a safety diver at the local Blue Hole site.

Submerged forest proves unexpectedly ancient

23 July 2017
Reports of fish congregating in large numbers were what first led diver Chas Broughton to investigate an 18m-deep seabed site in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011.

Waitrose to fund MCS clean-ups

22 July 2017
Supermarket chain Waitrose is donating £500,000 from carrier-bag sales to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), which will use the funds to create a new series of around 1000 beach...

Divers find human remains on WW2 bomber

20 July 2017
A team of underwater archaeologists diving near the Croatian island of Vis in the Adriatic on a month-long expedition have found the remains of US airmen in the wreckage of a WW2 Douglas ...

Two missing-diver searches extended

19 July 2017
The Royal Navy has been called in to help search for a scuba diver who went missing off the eastern Scottish coast near Dunbar 11 days ago (Saturday, 8 July).

Alligator grabs golfball diver

18 July 2017
A golfball-retrieval diver in Florida has had one arm badly mauled when he startled a 3m alligator under water.

The 'verminous' ocean population of 2099

17 July 2017
More grim news for divers of the future: ocean acidification will reduce fish diversity significantly, with small 'weedy' species - the equivalent of what are regarded as 'vermin' on land...

Plastic Challengers grow five-fold

16 July 2017
More than 5000 people pledged to give up single-use plastics during June in the Marine Conservation Society’s 2017 Plastic Challenge - five times the number of people who had responded ...

400-year-old sharks 'living time-capsules'

14 July 2017
The Greenland shark's extreme lifespan means that it should be given special conservation status, says a geneticist who has been sequencing the DNA of the world's longest-living vertebrate.

Swordfish plane wreck found in 60m off Malta

13 July 2017
The wreck of an intact Fairey Swordfish torpedo-bomber from 1943 has been discovered at a depth of 60m, three miles off Sliema in the north-east of Malta.

Sunfish stick around off Ireland

12 July 2017
Ocean sunfish sightings are reported around the British Isles from time to time, but if you always reckoned that your best chance of diving with the world's largest bony fish would requir...

Employer jailed for first-time diver's death

11 July 2017
The owner of a Welsh online company that sold golfballs retrieved from lakes has been jailed for 32 months for manslaughter, following the diving death of an employee.

Diver missing in Scottish quarry

10 July 2017
A female scuba-diver is missing, feared dead, following a night-dive at Preston Hill Quarry in Inverkeithing, Fife on Sunday (9 July). Underwater searches were continuing today.

'Someone will die' - Portland DCI diver speaks out

9 July 2017
The diver with decompression illness who was forced to wait 90 minutes off the Dorset coast for a Coastguard helicopter to airlift him to hospital last weekend (1 July) has spoken out abo...

Suunto recalls computer air-integration units

7 July 2017
Dive-computer manufacturer Suunto has identified a potential safety risk with all its Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Tank PODs, which transmit air-pressure data to compatible Suu...

Indo-Pacific tiger sharks get around

6 July 2017
Tiger sharks found in the Indo-Pacific are not static local populations - instead they roam over great distances to form a single large population, according to new research just publishe...

'Disgraceful': 90-minute wait for Coastguard helicopter

4 July 2017
The day after the axing of Portland's Coastguard SAR helicopter last week a diving emergency occurred in the area - and it took its replacement 90 minutes to reach the scene, as a well-kn...

Sea-Changers channels £9000

3 July 2017
A total of £9000 collected by divers and other sea-users is set for redistribution by Sea-Changers. The marine-conservation fund-raising charity says it is passing on the sum in the...

Cheers to Jamie's, boos to Wasabi

1 July 2017
The Marine Conservation Society and online guide Fish2fork are continuing to name and shame high-street eating-places they accuse of falling short on seafood sustainability - as well as ...

Divers' good deed in the Thames

30 June 2017
Another of those ring-reunion stories assisted by divers has turned up, this time in the Sun.

Schoolboy divers suffer suspected CO poisoning

29 June 2017
Carbon-monoxide poisoning from scuba air-cylinders was suspected as 12 schoolboys from Manchester Grammar School in Fallowfield were taken to hospital on Monday afternoon (26 June).

Divers find 100m ghost net in Cornwall

28 June 2017
Volunteer-divers were releasing baby lobsters off Rosemullion headland in Falmouth Bay, Cornwall for the National Lobster Hatchery this week when they came across a huge fishing-net on th...