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Australians claim human-chain dive record

12 December 2017
Up to 360 divers braved stormy weather at Rye Pier near Melbourne, Australia at the start of the month - in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record for longest underwater chain of scuba divers.

Instructor unbeaten on buoyancy control

11 December 2017
The MasterTrim 2017 scuba buoyancy-control competition has been won by Italian-based diving instructor Stefano Paludetto.

First WW1 destroyer casualty commemorated

10 December 2017
The Maritime Archaeology Trust has marked the centenary of the loss of the first US destroyer in WW1 with a new publication and online resources.

Mike's raises more than £10k

8 December 2017
Mike's Dive Store in London has been raising money for UK marine-conservation activities through fund-raising charity Sea-Changers since 2015 - and its contributions have just passed the £10,000 mark.

'Pirate' divers suspected of looting WW1 liner

7 December 2017
Illegal salvors are being accused of ransacking the WW1 U-boat victim the Hesperian off Ireland's south coast in recent weeks.

Green Apeks sets industry bar

6 December 2017
Dive-gear manufacturer Apeks Marine Equipment says it has attained an "industry-leading" objective - it is now sending zero non-hazardous waste from its Blackburn factory, warehouse and offices to landfill.

Diver finds WW2 mine off Cornwall

5 December 2017
A large explosive device found by diver Mark Milburn half a mile off Maenporth beach near Falmouth in late November turned out to be a WW2 German "G-mine", or parachute mine.

Cocos shark fatality named

4 December 2017
A scuba-diver killed by a tiger shark off the remote Costa Rican island of Cocos on 30 November has been named as Rohina Bhandari, 49, a New York-based senior investment executive.

Dye exposes 'invisible' ocean microplastics

30 November 2017
A fluorescent dye could provide the solution to mapping and dealing with concentrations of otherwise invisible microplastics in the oceans.

UK beaches dirtier than ever

30 November 2017
Announcing that UK beach-litter levels in 2017 were 10% higher than the previous year, with "on the go" food and drinks litter accounting for up to a fifth of the waste, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has demanded that the Government act now to place a levy on many free disposable items.

Ancient Chinese wreck yields thousands of finds

29 November 2017
Some 19,000 pieces of porcelain and 2600 animal and botanical specimens have been discovered aboard the ancient Chinese merchant ship dubbed "Nanhai One".

Search is on for wildlife photographer

28 November 2017
The search for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 through memorable and creative images of nature has been launched by competition organiser the Natural History Museum in London.

Diver dies off St Abbs

27 November 2017
A 62-year-old diver has died after getting into difficulties off the Berwickshire coast, just north of St Abbs Head.

Tour the 17th-century London wreck online

25 November 2017
Hot on the heels of a virtual tour of Channel wreck U8 comes another such initiative from Historic England (HE).

Ancient treasures found off Egyptian coast

24 November 2017
Three shipwrecks, a crystal carved head and three gold coins, all dating back to imperial Roman times, have been discovered in Aboukir Bay in the Mediterranean Sea off Alexandria, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) has announced.

UK champion freedivers named

23 November 2017
Freedivers Mike Board and Georgina Miller have been named 2017 National Champions by the UK's governing body, the British Freediving Association.

Diver faked medical certification

22 November 2017
A self-employed diver has been sentenced for supplying a falsified diving medical certificate to an employer.

Lottery to fund Welsh wreck research

21 November 2017
A £410,000 grant has been awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund for the research project "Commemorating the Forgotten U-Boat War Around the Welsh Coast, 1914-18".

Underwater beauty - even in plastic bags

20 November 2017
As news emerges that the Government might finally be prepared to get to grips with ocean pollution, it appears that at least one diver is able to find beauty in sea-borne plastics and other detritus.

Laurentic bell fetches £12,000

18 November 2017
A council in Northern Ireland has paid £12,000 at auction for the ship's bell salvaged from the White Star liner Laurentic.

Turkish divers find submerged Iron Age fortress

17 November 2017
Scuba divers have discovered what they believe is a 3000-year-old Iron Age castle beneath the waters of Turkey's biggest lake, Van, which lies in the eastern part of the country.

Find could mark 17th-century treasure ship

16 November 2017
Underwater archaeologists working in Japanese waters have found a cannonball that they think could indicate the location of the long-lost Spanish galleon the San Francisco. The ship sank ...

Fiji Siren liveaboard lost

15 November 2017
Liveaboard operator Worldwide Dive & Sail has announced that its schooner Fiji Siren has been lost, but that all guests and crew are safe and uninjured.

Remembrance in Malta

14 November 2017
At precisely 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, scuba divers placed a poppy on the X127 wreck in Marsamxette Harbour, Malta. The WW2 British lighter sank at the spot 75 years ago, af...

Bite-Back recognises tour operator's contribution

13 November 2017
A UK dive-tour operator surprised the Bite-Back shark and marine conservation charity at the recent DIVE 2017 show at Birmingham's NEC, when it presented it with a cheque for £1000.

U-boat wreck brought to life online

12 November 2017
A virtual wreck-discovery trail of the U8, one of the Imperial German Navy’s first U-boats, has gone live online. Commissioned by Historic England (HE), the tour includes 3D modelling o...

Rays go shallow at night

11 November 2017
UK scientists have shown for the first time through electronic tagging how skate make night-time forays into shallower water.

The DIVER Awards at 20

10 November 2017
Yes, it's been 20 years since the first DIVER Awards were given out at BAFTA in London.
Little did we know back in the last century quite how prestigious these annual accolades for th...

Ready to be a citizen-activist diver?

9 November 2017
The diving community can be a powerful force for good in ocean conservation, visitors to the US annual dive-trade show DEMA have been told by famed oceanographer and Dr Sylvia Earle and P...

Beluga speaks dolphin to fit in

8 November 2017
Much as scuba divers may be wary of aquaria, interesting scientific observations can emerge as a result of studying marine creatures in captivity.

Scuba with Bear - at the NEC

7 November 2017
Scuba diving is set to be one of the main attractions at the Bear Grylls Adventure facility, due to be opened at Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) next autumn.

Shark-researchers could be causing abortions

6 November 2017
Well-meaning marine biologists could unwittingly be as complicit as fishers in contributing to depletion of shark and ray populations. The startling conclusion comes from a scientific rep...

Clarke breaks Irish freedive record

4 November 2017
Eóin Clarke broke an Irish national record at the second annual Bristol Blue Freediving Competition with a 137m swim in the Dynamic No Fins event, and came third overall among male diver...

London comes to London

3 November 2017
Artefacts and photographs from the excavation of the 17th-century wreck of the London will be displayed from 17 November to 11 December at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Mmm, tastes good - why corals like plastics

2 November 2017
Microplastics aren't consumed by marine creatures just because they mistake them for prey. New research from the USA suggests that they are eaten and enter the food-chain because they're ...

If anything survives, it will be marine life

1 November 2017
As the environmental Doomsday clock ticks closer to midnight, scientists still have crumbs of comfort to offer divers.

CO in tank nearly 500 times acceptable level, inquest hears

31 October 2017
A contaminated air-compressor believed to have caused the death of the Director of Fisheries Queensland in Australia on a dive in August 2016 had been incorrectly maintained, an inquest h...

Octopus walkabout in Wales

30 October 2017
A rarely witnessed phenomenon has occurred near the seaside town of New Quay in west Wales, as curled octopuses were seen walking up the beach three nights running.

UN conference calls for shark and ray protection

29 October 2017
Whale sharks and three other shark species have been included in a list of 34 endangered animals voted to receive additional protection at the UN-backed Convention of Migratory Species (C...

Two deaths in two days in Gozo

28 October 2017
Two visiting divers have died on consecutive days on the Maltese island of Gozo.