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500 divers sought for D-Dive for sharks

21 June 2017
Scuba divers are being asked to visit Eilat in Israel in October for a mass protest-dive against shark-hunting. A new Guinness World Record is in prospect if 500 divers can be encouraged to attend.

Mendi bell changes hands on Swanage Pier

20 June 2017
A senior diver's conscience appears to have been pricked, after the ship's bell from controversial WW1 troop transport ss Mendi was left on Swanage Pier for a journalist to collect.

Splash-In set for July

18 June 2017
If you enjoy on-the-day photo competitions, the Northern Underwater Photography Group holds its annual Splash-In competition, open to all-comers, in north Wales on 8 July.

Diving bans in Plymouth Sound

16 June 2017
Scuba divers have been banned from diving specific areas of Plymouth Sound, pending investigation of recent near-misses between vessels and recreational divers.

The super-corals offering a beacon of hope

14 June 2017
Some hope for the future survival of coral reefs has emerged from new research at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia.

DDRC keen to hear about divers' ears

12 June 2017
Ear problems, ranging from swimmer's ear to barotrauma that can cause lasting damage, are among the most common health issues reported by divers, says DDRC Healthcare.

Perth wreck targeted by scavengers

10 June 2017
Three-fifths of the World War Two warship wreck of HMAS Perth has been dismantled for scrap metal, according to a report from a team of Indonesian and Australian marine archaeologists.

Wetsuit pioneer O'Neill dies at 94

9 June 2017
A surfer to whom scuba-divers owe a debt of gratitude has died in California at the age of 94.

Divers help to link biodiversity to sea temperature

9 June 2017
Scuba-diving "citizen scientists" have helped to produce a new map of Caribbean fish that shows biodiversity to be higher in warmer waters.

Britain's bathing waters not up to scratch

8 June 2017
Keep those regulators in - the UK has come second to bottom in the European Environmental Agency's latest ranking of the quality of bathing water in all EU member-states.

Delos yields ancient finds

6 June 2017
Ancient structures, a port, a number of shipwrecks and smaller finds were uncovered by marine archaeologists diving off the Greek island of Delos during underwater excavations conducted in May, the Ministry of Culture & Sports has announced.

Russian diver recovers $17,000 gold coin

5 June 2017
A 400-year-old gold coin worth more than US $17,000 is reported to have been recovered by a scuba-diver armed with a metal detector from the Yauza riverbed in Moscow.

Turkish tanks repurposed for divers

4 June 2017
A US-built tank from 1960 has been sunk as a diver attraction in 20m of water off Guvercin Island, near the Turkish Mediterranean resort of Kas.

Venice goes under water at Biennale

3 June 2017
A new exhibition of the work of Jason deCaires Taylor, creator of underwater sculptures, has opened as part of the 57th Biennale in Venice. It continues until 27 November in the Italian city's Official National Pavilion of Grenada.

Krill the key for boom-and-bust rays

2 June 2017
Researchers have found that krill, the small crustaceans that stay in deep water in daylight but move up towards the surface at night, are an important food source for manta and devil rays (mobulids) in tropical seas when plankton levels are low at the surface. The finding could, they say, help to protect the rays, many of which are endangered.

Photo night at the Aquarium

1 June 2017
Sea Life London, the capital's aquarium on the South Bank, is the venue for a new series of charity fund-raising events called A.Q.U.A. Nights - one of which is an unusual underwater photography session.

Deptherapy success in Red Sea

31 May 2017
A team from scuba-diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy has completed what it describes as its biggest and most successful training programme to date, involving 14 armed forces veterans with mental and/or physical injuries sustained in service.

Dolphins whack moles - on computer

30 May 2017
An underwater touchscreen designed to test dolphin intelligence and communication has been installed in an aquarium by US researchers - and there are early signs that the animals are taking to computer gameplay.

Photos from space that pointed to 'treasure wreck'

29 May 2017
A chart drawn up by the late US astronaut Gordon Cooper led underwater treasure-hunter Darrell Miklos to the Caribbean wreck-site of one of the earliest European ships to explore the Americas.

MIA team finds WW2 bomber off PNG

27 May 2017
A B-25 bomber downed more than 70 years ago during World War Two has been located off the coast of Papua New Guinea by Project Recover, a team of US marine scientists, archaeologists and volunteers.

Crawfish back in Cornwall, Seasearch team reports

26 May 2017
Crawfish appear to be recolonising the rocky reefs of Cornwall after decades of decline - that was one of the findings of a recent Seasearch dive expedition organised by the Cornwall Wild...

Loch Carron wins protection from dredgers

24 May 2017
Responding to reports last month of damage to flameshell beds in Loch Carron in north-west Scotland caused by scallop-dredging, the Scottish Government has announced a new Marine Protecte...

Red Sea liveaboard fire left divers stranded

23 May 2017
A Red Sea diving liveaboard had to be evacuated on Saturday, 13 May after what appeared to be a galley fire broke out.

One world and three new British freediving records

22 May 2017
A new women's freediving world record was set at the annual Vertical Blue international freediving competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas earlier this month.

Unexpected ring recovery on GBR

20 May 2017
A Canadian diving instructor working in Australia has found a wedding-ring more than a month after it slipped off the finger of one of her dive-centre's guests, at the Norman Reef site on...

Chagos coral hard-hit - and first thresher spotted

18 May 2017
Chagos Archipelago, the remote chain of seven atolls in the Indian Ocean long held up as one of the world's most pristine coral reefs, has been hit by severe bleaching and die-off of its ...

MCS aims to engage over-50s

17 May 2017
If you're over 50 and have never taken part in an organised beach-clean, you're the very person the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is looking for!

Divers swim for safety from Aliwal Shoal

16 May 2017
The separation of three scuba divers from their charter-boat at Aliwal Shoal in South Africa on Friday (12 May) sparked an extensive search operation - but they managed to save themselve...

Huish takes on Oceanic and Hollis

15 May 2017
US company Huish Outdoors has acquired the Oceanic and Hollis diving equipment brands from American Underwater Products (AUP), the company formed 45 years ago by Bob Hollis.

Young diver inspires shark-protection auction

14 May 2017
Fifteen-year-old scuba diver Alastair Meikle from Peterborough has encouraged dive-gear suppliers to donate more than £500-worth of accessories for an eBay auction to raise money fo...

Historical occasion in Poole

12 May 2017
The 27th Conference on the History of Diving is to be held at the RNLI College in Poole, Dorset on 21 October this year.

Why dive-boats should carry vinegar

11 May 2017
Jellyfish stings are one of the most common problems experienced by scuba divers, but the best treatment for them has always been hotly debated. Now a scientific study has suggested not o...

Dredger suspected of wreck destruction detained

10 May 2017
A Chinese-registered hopper-dredger that disappeared following the destruction of a popular WW2 wreck-dive site in Usukan, Borneo, in late January is reported to have been detained by the...

Archaeologists explore Gulf of Aqaba

8 May 2017
Locating sunken remains of the city of Ayla will be the objective of Jordanian and Egyptian archaeologists in July, as they carry out their first underwater excavation in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Sea traffic is deafening UK's marine mammals

7 May 2017
Seals may experience hearing loss as a result of underwater vessel noise, according to new research from the University of St Andrews.

Diver rescued after 11-hour drift

4 May 2017
A scuba diver who went missing off Burwick in Orkney on Wednesday evening (3 April) has been recovered after 11 hours in the water by a Russian sail training vessel passing through the Pe...

Ready for a plastics-free June?

3 May 2017
There could be more plastics than fish in our seas by 2050, according to some predictions. So can scuba divers help to reverse the trend by managing for a month without using plastics?

Master Scuba Diver - and he's just 12

2 May 2017
Luka Apps from Wiltshire has achieved his PADI Master Scuba Diver certification and completed his 100th dive - just a month after turning 12.

Protected wreck's whistle sounds after 100 years

30 April 2017
To commemorate the sinking of HMT Arfon 100 years ago today (30 April), Swanage-based dive boat Viper II was due to take descendants of three of the WW1 minesweeper's crew from Yorkshire...

Diving pioneer Campbell honoured on Swanage Pier

29 April 2017
UK scuba-diving pioneer Bob Campbell, who died last year aged 86, has been commemorated with a plaque on Swanage Pier by fellow members of Isle of Purbeck Sub Aqua Club, which is based on...