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Karabay plans 23-hour submersion - in a horse

20 April 2018
Turkish diver Cem "Waterman" Karabay, holder of the Guinness World Record for Longest Scuba Dive in an Enclosed Environment, is moving his underwater endurance act into the cool sea on Monday, 23 April, with a bid to break the Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive (Cold Water) record.

Divers hope Bin Bag Challenge will go viral

19 April 2018
The #binbagchallenge is an ocean clean-up project initiated by Germany-based online diving portal rateyourdive.com and Ban's Diving Resort of Koh Tao, Thailand, and they're hoping that scuba divers around the world will be moved to take part.

'Switchblade' discovery redefines stonefish family

19 April 2018
If ever "look don't touch" was good advice for divers it was in the case of the stonefish of the Indo-Pacific. Loaded with lethal venom, it can camouflage itself into virtual invisibility on a reef or wreck, posing a danger to the unwary.

SCRAPbook offers pollution eye in sky

17 April 2018
Welcome headlines today about the plastic-eating enzyme discovery which it's hoped will one day turn the tide of ocean pollution, but in the here and now three charities are taking action.

Magnetic attraction dictates turtle genetics

16 April 2018
It seems it's not geographical proximity or environment that is the over-riding factor in determining the genetic make-up of turtles, but magnetism.

Hi-tec U-boat that failed to get away

15 April 2018
The plots of many works of fiction have hinged on the premise of Nazis fleeing Germany for South America with their looted gold by submarine after WW2. Now one of the long-range U-boats that fed such speculation has been found - in an unusual nose-down position off the Danish coast.

Epic rescue-story wreck Helena located

14 April 2018
The deep resting places of famed US war wrecks are being revealed by the month by the crew of Microsoft owner Paul Allen's expedition ship Petrel.

Diver dies in Firth of Clyde

12 April 2018
A diver was rescued unconscious from the Firth of Clyde by ferry crew on Wednesday (11 April), but died soon after being taken to Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

We're having a lot more heatwaves

11 April 2018
Marine heatwaves have become longer and more frequent over the past century, according to a new study carried out by an international scientific team.

Mantis shrimps can help subs navigate

10 April 2018
Marine animals such as mantis shrimp and cephalopods have inspired what is claimed to be a more accurate and cost-effective means of underwater navigation for submarines, according to the University of Queensland.

Divers' double RAF celebration

9 April 2018
Divers from the RAF Brize Norton Sub-Aqua Club have carried out a 50m dive while attempting to carry out 50 dives in a day, to commemorate two anniversaries - the Royal Air Force's centenary and the 50th year of the dive-club.

Stoney Bell and Croatian Stations

8 April 2018
The Shiers Diving Bell is the latest underwater attraction to be installed at the National Diving Centre inland site at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire.

Rapid ascent from 68m a 'tragic accident'

6 April 2018
The death of technical diver Steven Slater on the wreck of the Andrea Doria was a "tragic accident" resulting from a rapid ascent, an inquest has concluded.

Death of David Eaton

5 April 2018
Divernet is sad to announce the death of DIVER Magazine's Advertising Production Manager David Eaton. David, who had been diagnosed with cancer, passed away peacefully in hospital on 3 April. He was 56.

Freediving PBs abound in Bristol

4 April 2018
UK freedivers Adam Drzazga and Beci Ryan were the respective male and female winners in the National Freediving Championships, run by the British Freediving Association (BFA) as part of the third Bristol Blue Freediving Competition.

Soldier dies at NDAC

3 April 2018
A soldier died in the final week of a diver training course on 26 March at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) inland site at Tidenham in Gloucestershire.

Lost camera shows Facebook has its uses

2 April 2018
An underwater camera lost at sea for more than two years has been found in perfect working order and returned to the scuba diver who owns it.

Coroner records open verdict on UAE death

31 March 2018
A 64-year-old scuba diver from Lowestoft died on a shallow refresher-course dive in Abu Dhabi last May, an inquest has heard - but attempts to find out exactly what happened had been hindered by lack of co-operation from authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

49,000 divers hit mark on litter clearance

30 March 2018
The global citizen science survey Dive Against Debris, in which scuba divers remove and report marine litter, has reached a milestone, says organiser Project AWARE

Plymouth's MBA expands

29 March 2018
The UK's Marine Biological Association (MBA) has expanded by 30% through a merger with another Plymouth-based organisation, the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey.

MCS welcomes move on single-use plastics

28 March 2018
The decision to introduce a deposit-return system (DRS) on plastic and glass bottles and metal cans in England has been welcomed by environmental charity the Marine Conservation Society, ...

Shark poo gives coral a boost

27 March 2018
The extent of the part played by sharks in nourishing coral reefs has been scientifically measured for the first time, in an international study led by marine biologists from Imperial Col...

Underwater adventurer Jack Jackson dies

26 March 2018
Jack Jackson, the underwater photographer and author of many best-selling diving books, has died at the age of 79. He had been seriously unwell since 2009.

Royal Marine needs help to keep diving

24 March 2018
A Royal Marine is offering scuba lessons to the public - in return for help in funding surgery without which he will be forced to give up diving.

Freedivers need 'awareness' to avoid pool-bans

23 March 2018
Freediving clubs and groups are increasingly at risk of being barred from using public pools in which to practise in the UK - because of heightened fears that black-outs and "sambas" are ...

Holland 5 sub gets 3D dive-trail

22 March 2018
The protected historic wreck-site of the Holland 5 submarine, which lies nine miles off the Sussex coast, is the latest to become diveable online.

Seagrass damage a double-whammy

21 March 2018
It isn't only the threats to coral reefs that scuba divers have to worry about - now it's shallow seagrass habitats, popular for hosting species ranging from seahorses to dugongs, that ar...

'We stick together' brothers' ship found

20 March 2018
Less than two weeks after locating the early aircraft-carrier USS Lexington comes the news that Microsoft owner Paul G Allen's research vessel Petrel has found another deep Pacific war-wr...

Early schooner found in Lake Michigan

19 March 2018
The wreck of a 169-year-old two-masted schooner called the Lizzie Throop has been found and dived at a depth of 85m in Lake Michigan by the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association (MSRA).

Report sheds light on AE1's fate

17 March 2018
Australia's first submarine was most likely lost during an underwater operation off the coast of Papua New Guinea as it returned to base.

Why scientists gave coral reef 'heartburn'

16 March 2018
Coral-reef growth will be severely suppressed by acidification before the end of the century if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, according to new research carried out by an inter...

How old are your ali tanks?

15 March 2018
Do you still use any aluminium diving cylinders that are more than 23 years old? If so, you should note that the Health & Safety Executive has issued a safety alert about their susceptibi...

Search for Kent diver stood down

14 March 2018
The search for Faversham scuba diver Ben Moss, who went missing in the Channel near Dover on Monday (12 March), has now been called off, says HM Coastguard.

22 degrees is tiger sharks' Goldilocks temperature

13 March 2018
Tiger sharks are at their most active and abundant in coastal waters of around 22 degrees C, according to a new study by an international research team.

Dolphins plan the dive, dive the plan

11 March 2018
Humans use data gathered from past experiences to plan their future actions, but is the same true of marine mammals foraging in the ever-changing conditions encountered in the wild?

2017 shark-attack report published

9 March 2018
A total of 155 shark attacks on humans were reported around the world in 2017 and investigated by the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), which has now published its findings.

Cenote lilies win the prize

8 March 2018
This image, Lilies With Trees, was taken in the well-known Car Wash cenote in Tulum, Mexico by Elaine White, and was named Overall Winner in the recent Northern Underwater Photography Gro...

Samoa declares shark sanctuary

7 March 2018
Samoa, the group of islands in the South Pacific, has declared its waters as a shark sanctuary, with all commercial fishing, sale or trade of sharks or rays banned with immediate effect.

WW2 aircraft-carrier wreck found

6 March 2018
At two miles down it's too deep for scuba divers but it is an iconic wreck rediscovered - the USS Lexington, one of the USA's first aircraft-carriers and the first to be sunk, was found b...

No SMB so prop-death captain released

5 March 2018
A complaint of "reckless imprudence resulting in homicide", filed against the captain of a passenger motorboat when a diver was killed by its propeller in the Philippines in mid-February,...