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Fame at last: Poole wreck mystery solved

28 March 2017
After years of research, the historic Swash Channel Wreck has finally been identified as a Dutch armed merchant vessel called the Fame, which sank in a storm near Poole Harbour in Dorset in March 1631.

NAS appoints first affiliated dive-centre in England

27 March 2017
Atlantic Scuba of Falmouth in Cornwall has become the first English dive-centre to be affiliated with the Nautical Archaeology Society.

UK freediving team announced

25 March 2017
The line-up for the eight-person UK freediving team to compete at the 2017 AIDA Depth World Championships in Roatan, Honduras, has been named by the British Freediving Association (BFA).

Clarification sought on Seabed Survey Licences

24 March 2017
Historic England (HE) is helping the Crown Estate to revise the list of underwater activities that require its new Seabed Survey Licence (SSL).

Mandarinfish buys PADI

23 March 2017
The world's biggest diver-training agency PADI has been sold again - for a reported US $700 million. It has gone to a consortium of wealthy families and endowments, said to include marine conservationists, called Mandarinfish Holding.

'All divers can learn' from Sea Survival course

22 March 2017
The RNLI's new one-day Diver Sea Survival course is now available through PADI and BSAC - and the marine charity says that divers at all levels will benefit from the training.

Artificial-reef funding goes public

21 March 2017
An unusual approach to financing an artificial reef has been adopted by Torbay-based small business ARC Marine, which has launched a £30,000 crowdfunding appeal to install its modular system initially at Somerset inland dive-site Vobster Quay.

Long-term, divers leave sharks cold

20 March 2017
It's news to cheer environmentally concerned divers - it is possible for human/shark interactions to take place without any long-term effects on the sharks. That's according to recently published research by scientists from University of California Santa Barbara and Florida International University.

Conservationists condemn Turkish devil-ray landings

16 March 2017
Marine conservation groups have condemned the landing in Turkey of 30 giant devil rays, which they say contravenes Mediterranean agreements to protect the endangered species. They are asking Turkish and regional fisheries authorities how the take was allowed and how such an incident can be prevented from happening again.

New Caledonian wreck-hunter lost at sea

15 March 2017
Alain Conan, 72, a wreck-diver based in the French overseas territory of New Caledonia in the south-west Pacific, went missing at sea on 6 March and air-sea searches failed to locate him.

Egypt set to hike visa fee to $60

14 March 2017
The charge for a visa to enter Egypt is to be raised by 140% - from US $25 to $60 - despite objections from the country's already hard-hit tourist trade.

Cruise-ship damages Raja Ampat reef

13 March 2017
Some 1600sq m of coral at the Crossover Reef site in the Indonesian scuba-diving hotspot Raja Ampat has been severely damaged by a British-owned cruise ship, which drove into it at low tide on 4 March.

Nations bound by law to protect coral reefs, says report

12 March 2017
In the week that the Trump appointee to head the USA's Environmental Protection Agency denied that carbon dioxide causes global warming, a US/Australian report has stated that every nation with World Heritage-listed coral reefs can be held responsible under international law to protect them from climate-change effects.

Gozo's Azure Window is no more

9 March 2017
UK divers will be among the many visitors to Malta who will mourn the loss of the famous Azure Window at Dwejra on the island of Gozo. The iconic landmark collapsed into the sea following heavy storms on Tuesday (7 March).

Deadline for photo-contest entries

8 March 2017
Competitive photographers have been given until the last day of March to enter for the Northern Underwater Photography Group's annual print competition, which will be judged on 8 and 9 April.

Shark and ray tourism guide released

6 March 2017
Four hundred shark and ray tourist-interaction operations have been established around the world - and this number could more than double over the next 20 years, it has been estimated, generating more than US $780 million.

Aquarium ray that killed diver reverted to instinct

5 March 2017
The death of an aquarium diver when he was stung by a leopard whiptail ray has been ruled a tragic misadventure at a coroner's inquiry.

Dolphins viewed as they see themselves

4 March 2017
Observing natural marine-life behaviour uninhibited by the presence of humans can be a challenge for scientists, but an international research team says that by attaching non-invasive video cameras to dusky dolphins it has captured some nine hours' footage of rarely seen activities.

Diver taking girl on first dive drowned in 3m

3 March 2017
A verdict of accidental death has been reached on a scuba diver who drowned in 3m of water off a South Cornwall beach last summer.

Wreck show in Stockport

1 March 2017
An exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery & War Memorial in Greater Manchester commemorating the centenary of World War One is set to feature a combination of shipwreck photographs and paintings inspired by them.

MCS serves up Change for Fish

28 February 2017
A new scheme under which restaurants and pubs donate cash from the sale of seafood dishes has been devised by charity the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) - both to raise funds for its s...

Unqualified diver ran out of air on shallow ascent

27 February 2017
A New Zealand coroner has pronounced a verdict of drowning on a man who was unqualified as a scuba diver but used open-circuit equipment to dive in Lyall Bay, Wellington in December, 2015...

UK dive fatality had heart condition

25 February 2017
An experienced UK scuba diver who drowned during a deep wreck-dive off the coast of Spain had an undiagnosed heart condition, an inquest has heard.

Thirteen more wrecks get protected status

24 February 2017
The Ministry of Defence is working towards a situation in which permission is required for recoveries from all military wrecks in British territorial waters and by British nationals from ...

Four shipwreck sites found in Coral Sea

23 February 2017
Four Coral Sea shipwreck sites have been identified by Australian maritime archaeologists during a recent investigation of Kenn Reefs.

The worst ocean pollution is the deepest

21 February 2017
Ocean pollution is commonly believed to be a relatively localised problem occurring close to centres of human activity, but a new scientific study suggests that in the most remote and ina...

Divers put hold on wreck-treasure sale

18 February 2017
Veteran wreck divers have succeeded in putting a hold on a planned auction of gold and jewellery found on the wreck of the 19th-century steam clipper Royal Charter off Anglesey.

Money & Philip rule among British freedivers

17 February 2017
Competitive freedivers Tim Money and Liv Philip have been named male and female National Champions of the sport by the British Freediving Association (BFA). The annual awards are based on...

Hold your breath, flatties - it's a seal!

15 February 2017
We know that marine creatures have finely tuned senses, but to be able to pinpoint from a distance a motionless, well-camouflaged flatfish in murky water through its breathing alone is se...

Dancing octo wins Barathieu UPY title

14 February 2017
The title Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 has gone to Frenchman Gabriel Barathieu for his image Dancing Octopus. Taken at Mayotte island off east Africa in the Indian Ocean, ther...

Sabah archaeologists oversee WW2 wreck destruction

13 February 2017
A WW2 Japanese shipwreck dive-site off the coast of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo has been destroyed - as the result of "research work" commissioned by the local university's archaeological u...

Perks sets his sights on TV

10 February 2017
Freshwater scuba-diver and cameraman Jack Perks has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the making of a pilot TV programme for a proposed wildlife-photography series.

Indian team breaks human-chain record

8 February 2017
Guinness World Records has ratified the record for longest human chain under water, following the achievement of 182 Indian divers in the sea off Koh Tao, Thailand.

Dining at depth in Brussels

6 February 2017
Until now scuba divers training at the NEMO33 deep pool in Brussels have had to surface when they get hungry, and eat at the complex's Thai restaurant. But now, for 99 euros per head, the...

Divers find Sharkwater film-maker's body

5 February 2017
The body of missing Canadian film-maker and eco-activist Rob Stewart was found late on Friday (3 February), near the 70m-deep wreck he had been diving off the Florida Keys.

Ancient fish-sauce carrier found in Med

4 February 2017
The wreck of an ancient Roman ship carrying as many as 2000 amphoras has been found 70m deep off Cabrera, a small uninhabited island off southern Majorca, and dived by an archaeological t...

Funds grow to maintain search for Stewart

3 February 2017
An online appeal set up to support extended search efforts for missing Canadian diver Rob Stewart had already attracted more than US $150,000 in donations as the search entered its third ...

Divers explore 17th-century Swedish warship

2 February 2017
Marine archaeologists have identified a wreck discovered in the naval harbour of Karlskrona in southern Sweden as the Blekinge, a 17th-century warship as big as the world-famous Vasa.

Sharkwater director missing off Florida Keys

1 February 2017
Canadian diver Rob Stewart, best known as director of the award-winning documentary film Sharkwater, went missing in late afternoon on Tuesday (31 January) while wreck diving near Islamor...

Two charged with removing Hermes artefacts

31 January 2017
Two men have been charged in connection with the alleged removal of items from a sunken Royal Navy warship in the English Channel.