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One world and three new British freediving records

22 May 2017
A new women's freediving world record was set at the annual Vertical Blue international freediving competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas earlier this month.

Unexpected ring recovery on GBR

20 May 2017
A Canadian diving instructor working in Australia has found a wedding-ring more than a month after it slipped off the finger of one of her dive-centre's guests, at the Norman Reef site on the Great Barrier Reef.

Chagos coral hard-hit - and first thresher spotted

18 May 2017
Chagos Archipelago, the remote chain of seven atolls in the Indian Ocean long held up as one of the world's most pristine coral reefs, has been hit by severe bleaching and die-off of its shallower corals.

MCS aims to engage over-50s

17 May 2017
If you're over 50 and have never taken part in an organised beach-clean, you're the very person the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is looking for!

Divers swim for safety from Aliwal Shoal

16 May 2017
The separation of three scuba divers from their charter-boat at Aliwal Shoal in South Africa on Friday (12 May) sparked an extensive search operation - but they managed to save themselves by swimming ashore.

Huish takes on Oceanic and Hollis

15 May 2017
US company Huish Outdoors has acquired the Oceanic and Hollis diving equipment brands from American Underwater Products (AUP), the company formed 45 years ago by Bob Hollis.

Young diver inspires shark-protection auction

14 May 2017
Fifteen-year-old scuba diver Alastair Meikle from Peterborough has encouraged dive-gear suppliers to donate more than £500-worth of accessories for an eBay auction to raise money for Bite-Back, the UK shark and marine-conservation charity.

Historical occasion in Poole

12 May 2017
The 27th Conference on the History of Diving is to be held at the RNLI College in Poole, Dorset on 21 October this year.

Why dive-boats should carry vinegar

11 May 2017
Jellyfish stings are one of the most common problems experienced by scuba divers, but the best treatment for them has always been hotly debated. Now a scientific study has suggested not only that rinsing with vinegar followed by the application of heat is the most effective approach, but that other treatments can make matters worse.

Dredger suspected of wreck destruction detained

10 May 2017
A Chinese-registered hopper-dredger that disappeared following the destruction of a popular WW2 wreck-dive site in Usukan, Borneo, in late January is reported to have been detained by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA).

Archaeologists explore Gulf of Aqaba

8 May 2017
Locating sunken remains of the city of Ayla will be the objective of Jordanian and Egyptian archaeologists in July, as they carry out their first underwater excavation in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Sea traffic is deafening UK's marine mammals

7 May 2017
Seals may experience hearing loss as a result of underwater vessel noise, according to new research from the University of St Andrews.

Diver rescued after 11-hour drift

4 May 2017
A scuba diver who went missing off Burwick in Orkney on Wednesday evening (3 April) has been recovered after 11 hours in the water by a Russian sail training vessel passing through the Pentland Firth.

Ready for a plastics-free June?

3 May 2017
There could be more plastics than fish in our seas by 2050, according to some predictions. So can scuba divers help to reverse the trend by managing for a month without using plastics?

Master Scuba Diver - and he's just 12

2 May 2017
Luka Apps from Wiltshire has achieved his PADI Master Scuba Diver certification and completed his 100th dive - just a month after turning 12.

Protected wreck's whistle sounds after 100 years

30 April 2017
To commemorate the sinking of HMT Arfon 100 years ago today (30 April), Swanage-based dive boat Viper II was due to take descendants of three of the WW1 minesweeper's crew from Yorkshire to lay wreaths above the wreck-site.

Diving pioneer Campbell honoured on Swanage Pier

29 April 2017
UK scuba-diving pioneer Bob Campbell, who died last year aged 86, has been commemorated with a plaque on Swanage Pier by fellow members of Isle of Purbeck Sub Aqua Club, which is based on the pier.

Aquarium study paints grim picture of oceans in 2099

28 April 2017
A comprehensive marine-life study has demonstrated how climate change can speed up the destruction of entire aquatic eco-systems such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Government slammed on MPA slackness

26 April 2017
MPs from the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee have expressed disappointment with the British Government's lack of ambition in handling designated Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Why drink, drugs and diving don't mix

25 April 2017
Divers are being urged not to drink and dive, as part of a new safety campaign from Northumbria Police.

18th-century Kent shipwreck set for excavation

24 April 2017
Dutch and British archaeological divers will be working side by side this summer to survey and partially excavate the wreck of the Rooswijk, which sank on the Goodwin Sands off the Kent c...

ID awaited following shark-diver's disappearance

22 April 2017
A wetsuit containing shark-mangled body parts has yet to be officially identified as the remains of Austrian diver Leopold Mairhuber, who went missing at the Protea Banks dive-site off th...

Blind diver claims deepest sea-dive record

21 April 2017
Rebreather diver Graham Owen says he has broken what he claims as his own world record for deepest saltwater dive by a visually impaired person.

Cave-diver survives 60 hours in air-pocket

20 April 2017
A cave-diver who ran low on air in a flooded cave on the Mediterranean island of Majorca survived for 60 hours in an air-chamber with a depleted oxygen content.

Cheaper flights good news for divers

19 April 2017
Welcome news for travelling divers, including those who favour the more expensive long-haul destinations, comes from global travel search company Skyscanner.

Brixham to have its day in May

18 April 2017
Brixham Marine Conservation Day is a new initiative set to take place in south Devon on 30 May.

Free photo demystification in Canary Wharf

17 April 2017
If you're a newcomer to underwater photography and in London on Thursday 27 April, regular Diver contributor and Inon UK co-owner Steve Warren is giving a free three-hour presentation cal...

Anchor points to convict-shipwreck find

15 April 2017
The location of a convict ship that sank in the Torres Strait off northern Queensland two centuries ago may have been discovered.

Friends and family mourn Nigel Wade's passing

14 April 2017
More than 200 people attended the funeral of celebrated UK diver Nigel Wade at West Berkshire Crematorium in Thatcham on Wednesday, 12 April.

Wrecks could host threats to coral reefs

13 April 2017
Can ships deliberately sunk as artificial reefs pose a threat to natural coral reefs? The question has been raised with the discovery of a previously unknown species of vermetid gastropod...

GBR reels from double-hit

11 April 2017
For the second time in 12 months, aerial surveys of Australia's Great Barrier Reef have revealed severe levels of coral-bleaching. Last year the effect was most extreme in the northern th...

'No cause for alarm' at Richelieu Rock

10 April 2017
Social-media rumours of the destruction of Richelieu Rock, the world-famous coral-reef dive-site in Thailand's Mu Koh Surin National Park in the Andaman Sea, appear to have been alarmist.

BANTER helps to distinguish dolphins

9 April 2017
There are 40 species of dolphin in the world, and a problem for scientific researchers who try to track or count them using acoustic monitoring is that to human ears their speech patterns...

Glover's suit of many colours

7 April 2017
Des Glover is a man on a mission - to make divers more visible.

Farnes fatality named

6 April 2016
The diver who died off the Farne Islands off Northumberland at the weekend has been named as Carole Linda Edwards, 52, from Ormskirk in Lancashire.

Ghost-gear crew get RIB support

5 April 2017
Volunteer divers with the Fathoms Free group are set to remove 'ghost-gear' in the form of a large fishing-net from the sea near St Michael's Mount in Cornwall on Saturday (8 April).

Diver dies off Farnes

4 April 2017
A woman who went missing on a dive off the Farne Islands on Sunday morning (2 April) was found but died shortly afterwards.

Nigel Wade's death shocks diving community

2 April 2017
Divernet is deeply saddened to report the death at 59 of well-known diver Nigel Wade, Diver Magazine's Technical Editor. He passed away on Saturday morning at the Royal Berkshire Hospital...

20-20 vision for Selsey Bill

1 April 2017
Selsey Bill Sub-Aqua Club, formed on the West Sussex coast in March 1997, is celebrating its 20th anniversary - and during the year its 20 members plan to revisit all 20 of the local site...

Operator fined £100,000 for UK diver's death

31 March 2017
An Australian company has been fined the equivalent of almost £100,000 for breaching its health and safety responsibilities, following the death of British tourist Bethany Farrell o...