The companies plan to combine and expand their fleets, while separately continuing to grow blue o two as a dive tour operator.

Although the merger is expected to be complete by the end of this year, it could take up to two years to complete the rebranding and combining of the fleets.

Founded in 2004, Worldwide Dive and Sail operates a range of Asia-Pacific area liveaboards, including Siren Fleet, Master Liveaboards and The Junk.
The merger extends an existing partnership between the two operators that began with the formation of Master Liveaboards in 2014.

Next year blue o two’s flagship blue Horizon, which has operated in the Red Sea since 2006, will be rebadged as the Red Sea Master, while blue Voyager will become the Maldives Master.

And from March 2018 the Yemaya, a liveaboard now operating in Cocos and Malpelo in the eastern Pacific, will be refurbished as the Bahamas Master. Based in Freeport, she will offer 7-, 10- and 14-night cruises for up to 16 guests with an emphasis on shark-diving.

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