Called "Wildlife Exposed", the programme would be filmed in Shetland with the help of Shetland Nature. The crew would go on to visit other locations should the concept be picked up for a full series. 

“I will be doing some diving in Shetland and probably some underwater work,” Perks told Divernet. “I can’t be 100% sure it will feature in the pilot – however, if the series gets picked up then underwater photography will certainly feature in it.

“Wildlife photography has never been more popular,” he explained. “With more affordable digital cameras and quality smartphones, it’s easier than ever to take great images yourself.

“The natural world is full of fantastic opportunities, from the Scottish highlands to your own back garden. This series will help you pick up a few hints and tips, while also highlighting wildlife-conservation issues.”

Perks, who has written for Diver about river- and lake-diving, has set a flexible goal of £3000, which means that the donations can be used even if the target is not reached. The campaign has a month to run. Find it here

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