No Limits freediving involves descending a line on a weighted sled that also carries an air-bag and scuba-cylinder. The bag is inflated on reaching the target depth to shoot the freediver back up to the surface.

“This No Limits dive means I have experience of extreme depths before ever venturing there in the traditional disciplines,” said Chamas afterwards.

“The dive itself was fantastic and I am honoured to have had this moment in the depths of the ocean.”

Chamas, a freediving instructor, entered the sport in Australia eight years ago. Last year he set a British Variable Weight record of 105m, again descending on a weighted sled but ascending by finning and pulling on the line.

The freediver now plans to see whether he can exceed the 100m mark in the Constant Weight and Free Immersion disciplines. The British men’s records stand at 108m and 100m respectively, both set by Michael Board.

The world No Limits record set 10 years ago by Herbert Nitsch is 214m.

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