Taking place on the Saturday of the NEC Dive Show (October 21) and the pre-Dive Show Friday (October 20), organisers say that demand is expected to be high for the workshops, which will focus on topics ranging from dive leading and improving in-water skills to forensic diver fatality investigations.

A NAUI & ACUC course director, and a PADI, DAN, and Red Cross Instructor teaching upwards of 1000 surface rescue and dive personnel annually, Andrea Zaferes made a big impression with her presentations at last year’s NEC Dive Show.

 Hosted in the NEC Birmingham’s Piazza Suites opposite the DIVE 2017 show hall entrance, four workshops are scheduled:

  • Friday 20 October, 09.00 - 13.00:  The Art of Being a Dive leader (Part of the “Changing the Way You Dive” series). “If you are a dive leader, train dive leaders, are or hope to become one, this workshop is for you,” says Andrea. “Instructors are faced with shorter class times, students with medical conditions, and less experience. Effective dive leaders can make the difference between a fantastic dive and another diver drop-out. Learn how to increase your income as a dive leader or dive-leader instructor, be the best divemaster and instructor possible, and make a positive difference in the dive community.” Course fee: £45.
  • Friday 20 October, 14.00 - 18.00:  Forensic Diver Fatality Investigations (DFI).  “DFIs require a taskforce approach including appropriately trained law enforcement, death investigators, diving experts, and diving physicians, which unfortunately occurs too rarely,” says Andrea. “This workshop uses case histories to take you through the process from immediately after the incident through to final diagnoses and determination reports. The mission of the workshop is to prevent future deaths, educate divers so that they can provide useful information to investigators, help protect dive leaders/stores from liability and lawsuits, provide a post-incident protocol for divers and investigation protocols for investigators. Topics such as equipment, post-mortem physiology, documentation, interviewing, dive incident causes, and common errors in investigations will be covered.” Course fee: £45.
  • Saturday 21 October, 09.00 - 13.00:  Drills and Games to Make You a Stronger Diver. “With today’s too-often minimal diver and dive leader training, most divers need to strengthen and develop their dive and UW movement skills on their own. Learn about fun drills and games you and your buddy can do before and during dives to strengthen and broaden your diving abilities.” Course fee: £35.
  • Saturday 21 October, 14.30 - 18.00:  Ultimate Underwater Movement (Part of the “Changing the Way You Dive” series). “Want to take better photos and videos, hang tight and close to marine critters, move efficiently in currents, lower your air consumption, and feel the exhilaration of 3D weightless movement?” says Andrea. “This workshop will change the way you dive no matter what your dive experience. Also excellent for dive leaders and instructors. A video demonstrating these skills will be included in the course to take home.” Course fee: £50.

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At DIVE 2017 Andrea will be on the DIVER Stage again, with talks on “Ultimate Underwater Movement” (Saturday 21 October, 13.30-14.10) and “Drills and Games to Strengthen Dive Skills” (Sunday 22 October, 13.30-14.10).

All workshop attendees will have complimentary access to DIVE 2017 on both days of the show.