The project is the brainchild of Jim Standing and Paul Strike, co-founders of UK divewear manufacturer Fourth Element.

They are hoping that organisations “from dive-centres and schools to multi-national manufacturers and training agencies” will join their company in making public pledges to reduce their environmental impact by 2020.

They also hope that as part of the process individual divers will encourage those diving organisations with which they come into contact to take action.

Companies said to have committed so far are Amun Ini Dive Resort, Apeks, blue o two, Dive Rite, Halcyon, Hugyfot, Sub Gravity, Suunto and Tauchsport Käser. Their pledges range from eliminating single-use plastic packaging – as promised by Fourth Element – to conducting hundreds of underwater clean-up dives.

“When we dive, we see first-hand the effect that human activity has on the oceans,” said Standing.

“Recently, this has been brought home with heightened awareness of the fight against plastic pollution. Who can forget the haunting images of the diver in the sea of plastic off Bali, or the plastic contents of a whale’s stomach that have caused it to die of starvation?

“As divers, and as an industry, we have a responsibility to protect the oceans for future generations, and Mission 2020 is just a small part of the dive community’s efforts to achieve this.

“Sure, every organisation could come up with its own initiative and call it something catchy, but it runs the risk of being lost in the chatter.

"We hope that Mission 2020 can become a rallying call for the dive industry and help to inspire collaboration and the sharing of ideas – and we’re already starting to see this, even at the early stages of the project.”

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