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Cash boost for shark charity

22 May 2018
The single biggest donation ever received by the charity Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation has come from European entrepreneurs who recently enjoyed an eight-day shark-diving trip to Galapagos, organised by businessmen and shark supporters Marcel Maschmeyer and Swen Lorenz.

Trash means prizes in Seaside Scavenge

21 May 2018
A beach-clean with a difference is set to take place on Cornwall's Watergate Bay beach near Newquay on Wednesday, 30 May.

New blue whale population confirmed

19 May 2018
A large population of blue whales found between New Zealand's North and South islands has been identified as genetically distinct from other southern-hemisphere blue whales, according to new research.

Madagascar recognised as whale-shark hotspot

18 May 2018
Madagascar has been identified as a hotspot for feeding juvenile whale sharks in a newly published report.

Diver's death linked to exercise

17 May 2018
The death of a British scuba diver in the Canary Islands last year has been linked to the fact that she had been out for a long run the night before.

British fatality in Malta named

16 May 2018
The British diver who died on the island of Malta on 8 May has been named as Andrew Longden, 50, a retired firefighter from Bollington in Cheshire.

Discover UK Diving at Wraysbury with Suunto

15 May 2018
TV diver and explorer Andy Torbet joins other guest-presenters lined up to attend "Discover UK Diving", the latest of Suunto Diving UK's product-demo weekends - this one to be held at Wraysbury Dive Centre near Heathrow on 16/17 June.

New probe into Farrell GBR death

14 May 2018
More than three years after the death of British first-time diver Bethany Farrell on the Great Barrier Reef, a new inquest is to be held in Australia this month.

Jazz cool for sharks - Mozart, maybe

12 May 2018
Sharks can appreciate jazz - but struggle to distinguish it from classical music. So say researchers at the Macquarie University Fish Lab in Sydney, Australia.

Second incident in Malta

11 May 2018
A French diver was said by Malta police to have sustained "grievous injuries" after getting into difficulties on a group dive in Xatt l-Ahmar Bay, Gozo on Wednesday (9 May).

Hawaii set to ban 'coral-killer' sunscreens

10 May 2018
The Kilauea volcano is grabbing the headlines, but the Pacific US state of Hawaii has also just made news by passing a bill to ban sale and distribution of the majority of sunscreens - those containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Dredging puts Dublin Bay off-limits to divers

9 May 2018
Scuba divers in Ireland have been unable to enter once favoured location Dublin Bay so far this year because they say visibility has been reduced to zero by dredging.

When a holiday text just isn't enough

8 May 2018
Divers who like to do things the hard way might like to know that what is claimed to be the world's deepest underwater postbox has just been installed at the Shilang dive-site near Green Island off south-eastern Taiwan.

Diver's body found after three days

6 May 2018
The body of a diver lost in the Philippines on 2 May has been found three days after he became separated from his instructor.

Identities suggested for deep wrecks

5 May 2018
Two deep-lying 19th-century shipwrecks revealed over the course of the extensive searches for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Boeing 727, which vanished with all 239 people aboard four years ago, have been tentatively identified.

Diver missing in Philippines

4 May 2018
Searches are continuing in the Philippines for an Australian diver who went missing while reportedly undertaking trimix training at a depth of 100m.

'Coral Not Coal' - Greenpeace paints its message

3 May 2018
Greenpeace Indonesia activists have intercepted a coal barge passing through the Karimunjawa archipelago national park north of Java, daubing it in yellow paint with the messages "Break Free From Coal" and "Coral Not Coal".

Fish adapting fast to ocean-warming

2 May 2018
We might expect evolution to be a slow process, but it seems that baby reef fish are adjusting to hotter oceans within a single generation, as they inherit the genetic tools they need from their parents.

Is UK doing enough to protect seas?

1 May 2018
A new inquiry into the future of UK seas has been launched by the Environmental Audit Committee, which plans to look at how they can be protected from climate-change, acidification, overfishing and pollution - and it is seeking the views of the public.

Promising coral news from Australia

30 April 2018
Scientists believe they are a step closer to understanding how coral reefs reseed themselves and are able to adapt to growing environmental threats.

NAS runs free WW1 field school

28 April 2018
The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) is set to run a free, open-to-all "field school" on Traeth Bychan Beach, Anglesey over the weekend of 23-24 June.

18,000 Irish sites included in Wreck Viewer

27 April 2018
Wreck divers in Irish waters have been gifted a rich information source in the form of a new website containing data on more than 18,000 wrecks.

Diver killed by dive-boat in Bali

26 April 2018
An Austrian diver has died after being struck by a boat off Nusa Lembongan island on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon (23 April).

Karabay doubles coldwater endurance record

25 April 2018
Turkish diver Cem Karabay has not only succeeded in his bid to set a new Guinness World Record for Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive (Cold Water), but has exactly doubled the previous rec...

Deptherapy wins Soldiering On Award

24 April 2018
The work of scuba-diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy & Deptherapy Education has been recognised in the Soldiering On Awards, an annual salute to those who have served in Britain's A...

Diver dies in Lake District

23 April 2018
A Lancashire man in his 60s died on Saturday (21 April) while diving in Wast Water which, at almost 80m, is the deepest body of water in the Lake District.

A bigger spleen: the secret of freediving success

22 April 2018
After at least a thousand years subsisting on shellfish collected on deep breath-hold dives, it seems that the Bajau Laut "sea nomads" of South-east Asia have adapted to their underwater ...

Giant ghost net recovered in Caymans

21 April 2018
A huge weighted ghost net containing at least 30 sharks and hundreds of decomposing fish spotted by a British diving instructor off Grand Cayman Island last week has been located and remo...

Karabay plans 23-hour submersion - in a horse

20 April 2018
Turkish diver Cem "Waterman" Karabay, holder of the Guinness World Record for Longest Scuba Dive in an Enclosed Environment, is moving his underwater endurance act into the cool sea on Mo...

Divers hope Bin Bag Challenge will go viral

19 April 2018
The #binbagchallenge is an ocean clean-up project initiated by Germany-based online diving portal rateyourdive.com and Ban's Diving Resort of Koh Tao, Thailand, and they're hoping that sc...

'Switchblade' discovery redefines stonefish family

19 April 2018
If ever "look don't touch" was good advice for divers it was in the case of the stonefish of the Indo-Pacific. Loaded with lethal venom, it can camouflage itself into virtual invisibility...

SCRAPbook offers pollution eye in sky

17 April 2018
Welcome headlines today about the plastic-eating enzyme discovery which it's hoped will one day turn the tide of ocean pollution, but in the here and now three charities are taking action.

Magnetic attraction dictates turtle genetics

16 April 2018
It seems it's not geographical proximity or environment that is the over-riding factor in determining the genetic make-up of turtles, but magnetism.

Hi-tec U-boat that failed to get away

15 April 2018
The plots of many works of fiction have hinged on the premise of Nazis fleeing Germany for South America with their looted gold by submarine after WW2. Now one of the long-range U-boats t...

Epic rescue-story wreck Helena located

14 April 2018
The deep resting places of famed US war wrecks are being revealed by the month by the crew of Microsoft owner Paul Allen's expedition ship Petrel.

Diver dies in Firth of Clyde

12 April 2018
A diver was rescued unconscious from the Firth of Clyde by ferry crew on Wednesday (11 April), but died soon after being taken to Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

We're having a lot more heatwaves

11 April 2018
Marine heatwaves have become longer and more frequent over the past century, according to a new study carried out by an international scientific team.

Mantis shrimps can help subs navigate

10 April 2018
Marine animals such as mantis shrimp and cephalopods have inspired what is claimed to be a more accurate and cost-effective means of underwater navigation for submarines, according to the...

Divers' double RAF celebration

9 April 2018
Divers from the RAF Brize Norton Sub-Aqua Club have carried out a 50m dive while attempting to carry out 50 dives in a day, to commemorate two anniversaries - the Royal Air Force's centen...

Stoney Bell and Croatian Stations

8 April 2018
The Shiers Diving Bell is the latest underwater attraction to be installed at the National Diving Centre inland site at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire.