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UN conference calls for shark and ray protection

29 October 2017
Whale sharks and three other shark species have been included in a list of 34 endangered animals voted to receive additional protection at the UN-backed Convention of Migratory Species (CMS) conference.

Two deaths in two days in Gozo

28 October 2017
Two visiting divers have died on consecutive days on the Maltese island of Gozo.

Esmeralda wreck-find is early astrolabe

27 October 2017
A bronze disc discovered in a shipwreck off Al Hallaniyah island in Oman has proved to be an astrolabe, one of the earliest known examples of this marine-navigation device.

Instructor's prop death an accident

25 October 2017
A British coroner has recorded a verdict of accidental death four-and-a-half years after a newly qualified British scuba-diving instructor was struck by a motorboat propeller while snorkelling off Pulau Perhentian in Malaysia.

The Ice Monster and more

23 October 2017
Five underwater/marine-life photographs feature among the winners of this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, including the unusual image featured here, 'The Ice Monster' by French diver Laurent Ballesta. It took the honours in the Earth's Environments category.

Don't miss the Big Weekend!

20 October 2017
The UK's biggest meet-up for divers, the annual Birmingham Dive Show at the NEC, is this weekend (21/22 October)!

NDAC fatality named

19 October 2017
The diver who died at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) inland dive-site in Gloucestershire earlier this month has been named as Wlodzimierz Jurasz, 28, from Upminster in Essex.

Top photographers take Dive Show stage

18 October 2017
An exceptional line-up of top underwater photographers will be taking the stage at the upcoming Birmingham Dive Show.

Second Scapa death this month

18 October 2017
A 53-year-old diver has died on a Scapa Flow wreck-dive, just 11 days after another diving death in the area. He is understood to have been diving the 45m-deep wreck of the scuttled WW1 German battleship Markgraf.

End of the pier in North Wales

17 October 2017
Trefor Pier in Gwynedd, described by an expert in Welsh scuba diving as one of the best shore-dives in North Wales, is being demolished.

Tooth damage bites for captive orcas

16 October 2017
Many scuba divers feel strongly that killer whales should not be held in captivity, but new evidence of damage to orca teeth has reinforced calls to end the practice.

It's October, but Vobster's calling Santa divers!

15 October 2017
Vobster Quay's annual massed-Santa diving event is set for Sunday 17 December, and the inland dive-site wants as many divers as possible to register to take the plunge.

What's Hot at DIVE 2017?

14 October 2017
The UK's biggest meet-up for divers, the annual Birmingham Dive Show at the NEC next weekend (21/22 October), is fast approaching!

Big ghost-gear haul from Scapa wrecks

13 October 2017
A hundred kilograms of fishing-net and line, more than 30 pots and creels and other lost fishing-gear have been removed from Scapa Flow's deeper wrecks by the charity Ghost Fishing UK, carrying out its third annual dive-week in Orkney.

Tekkies can breathe (He) again

12 October 2017
Technical-diving can be an expensive business, and for many years forward-thinking exponents have been concerned that a looming worldwide shortage of helium would force prices of the vital inert gas to astronomical levels.

From far-flung shores to Blue Planet ll

11 October 2017
Visitors to DIVE 2017 will have the chance to see an exceptional line-up of diving speakers on the main DIVER Stage.

NDAC fatality sustained chest injuries

10 October 2017
A 28-year-old scuba diver died on Sunday (8 October) at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) inland site in Gloucestershire.

Scapa wreck-dive ends in tragedy

9 October 2017
A diver has died following a wreck-dive at Scapa Flow. His dive-boat radioed the UK Coastguard at around 4pm on Friday (6 October) to report that the man was 15 minutes overdue.

Aqua Lung issues regulator safety notices

8 October 2017
Aqua Lung is carrying out a "voluntary product check" of certain examples of four of its older regulators with the ACD yoke (A-clamp) system.

Broken arm could point way to bronze statues

7 October 2017
An archaeological dive-team believes it is closing in on precious bronze statues, the presence of which has been suspected on an ancient Greek shipwreck since it was first found in the Aegean Sea nearly 120 years ago.

360 VR site - a new way to dive the Thistlegorm

6 October 2017
A new 3D virtual-reality website dedicated to the Red Sea's iconic Thistlegorm shipwreck goes live today (6 October) - 76 years to the day since she sank.

Four war wrecks solve several mysteries

5 October 2017
Among a cascade of recent wreck finds, scuba divers have found a German WW1 U-boat around 30m deep off the Belgian coast. The bodies of its full complement of 23 are thought to remain sea...

Sharks live longer than we thought

4 October 2017
Sharks and rays can live up to twice as long as previously thought, according to the latest research to come from Australia's James Cook University.

'2017 conference will have more of what members love'

3 October 2017
'The 2017 event will have more of what members love - breakout sessions, an impressive external speaker line-up and plenty of networking opportunities - all at a great new venue, The Vox.'

Win a £575 Ratio dive computer!

2 October 2017
The DIVER Reader Survey 2017 is launched today. Take a few minutes to complete the online survey form and we'll say thank you by entering your name in our free prize draw to win a £...

Depth-record bid ended in tragedy

1 October 2017
The Bulgarian diver who died in Greece, as reported on Divernet on 25 September, was an instructor-trainer attempting to set a new world depth record for women by diving to 231m.

'Book now for Andrea's NEC skills workshops'

30 September 2017
UK divers are being urged to book now for the exceptional series of half-day workshops with celebrated US dive trainer Andrea Zaferes coming to the NEC in October.

Dive-guide who punched nurse shark gets the boot

29 September 2017
Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas has moved quickly to fire one its dive-guides, after a guest-diver filmed him violently attacking nurse sharks during one of the famous dive-centre's daily shar...

TekDeck returns to NEC Dive Show

28 September 2017
The popular TekDeck is returning to the NEC Dive Show next month with an impressive line-up of speakers and topics.

Diving on hold as volcano rumbles

27 September 2017
Dive resorts within a 7.5-mile radius of Bali's landmark Mount Agung have been evacuated, amid fears that the giant active volcano is about to erupt.

Freediver breaks British No Limits record

26 September 2017
Freediver Harry Chamas has smashed by 17m the British No Limits depth record set seven years ago. His new record of 120m, achieved in Kalamata in Greece on 18 September, surpassed the 101...

Second Brit dies diving in Canaries

25 September 2017
The second British diving death in the Canary Islands in a week occurred on Saturday (23 September), after 44-year-old Justine Barranger had returned to the boat from a training dive near...

Crab and coral make a deal

24 September 2017
A new species of hermit crab has been discovered in southern Japan - but instead of making its home in discarded shells, it has come to an arrangement with "walking" corals.

Calypso refit set back by fire

22 September 2017
A police investigation is under way after Calypso, the exploration vessel of oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the most famous dive-boat in the history of scuba, has been damaged by...

Divers, look out for gloomy octopus cities

21 September 2017
Octopuses are usually thought of as solitary, mingling with others only to mate, but social interactions between them could be more widespread than previously recognised, say marine biolo...

British diver dies in Lanzarote

20 September 2017
A British scuba diver died on Saturday morning (16 September) while on a holiday dive in southern Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Chinese shark syndicate busted

18 September 2017
More good news in the fight to deter illegal shark-finners comes from China, where 50 tons of shark-fin, fish swim-bladders, sea-cucumbers and abalones were confiscated by Jiangmen Custom...

Florida diver's boat 'nearly decapitated me'

17 September 2017
The US scuba diver rescued by passers-by just before Hurricane Irma broke in Florida, as reported on Divernet on 11 September, has explained to Florida news channel CBS12 how his plight c...

18th-century charts reveal coral loss

16 September 2017
In what's thought to be the first study of its kind, researchers in the USA and Australia have compared 240-year-old British nautical charts with modern satellite data to determine how th...

Sea Shepherd nabs shark-poachers in East Timor

14 September 2017
Environmental activists Sea Shepherd have helped East Timor police to capture a fleet of 15 Chinese boats fishing illegally for sharks in Indonesian waters.