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New six-gill shark species identified

24 February 2018
A deep-sea shark found around Belize, the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas has been shown to be a species distinct from previously identified six-gilled sharks, and scientists have proposed that it should be named Hexanchus vitulus - the Atlantic six-gill.

Call for help on diving with cancer

23 February 2018
Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the past 40 years, and the average number of survival years has also increased. As a result, more and more people are resuming their work, sport, and daily lives following treatment and/or surgery for cancer.

Scuba Murcia dives into Channel 4

22 February 2018
A new British-run dive centre on Spain's Costa Calida is set to get some valuable free publicity - as a result of TV exposure on Channel 4.

Search for Canadian diver called off

21 February 2018
A full-scale search for a Canadian woman who disappeared following her first dive while on holiday in Mexico has been called off after four days.

Diver killed by boat-prop off Apo

20 February 2018
A Chinese scuba diver was killed by a boat propeller off Apo Island, Negros Oriental in the Philippines on the morning of Saturday 17 February - and the captain of the motorboat alleged to have hit him is now in police custody.

Ellen Husain investigates the GBR

19 February 2018
In a two-parter for the BBC Radio 4 series Costing the Earth, wildlife film-maker, presenter and DIVER contributor Dr Ellen Husain dives the Great Barrier Reef with "Godfather of Coral" scientist Prof Charlie Veron, and travels the length of Australia's east coast, talking to scientists, stakeholders, politicians and economists.

New Atlantic liveaboard hotspot in prospect

18 February 2018
Brazil, in common with other South American countries, has never been associated with scuba-diving tourism, but it has hopes of changing that following a public consultation into establishing a vast marine protected area (MPA) far from the mainland.

MAS extended to Northern Ireland

16 February 2018
The Marine Antiquities Scheme (MAS) is set to launch in Northern Ireland. The scheme, which launched in England and Wales in July 2016, aims to enhance awareness of marine heritage by encouraging divers and other water-users to record archaeological finds in the marine environment through a website or mobile app.

Asian dive destinations get taste for shark-fin

15 February 2018
Consumption of shark-fin soup in China is no longer the single greatest threat to sharks, according to a new report from WildAid.

Thistlegorm image gives Friedrich UPY title

14 February 2018
A panoramic photograph of military vehicles deep inside the Red Sea's Thistlegorm wreck have seen German photographer Tobias Friedrich named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018.

Extra month for divers' views on pot cuts

13 February 2018
Concerned scuba divers have been given an extra month in which to respond to an NHS England proposal to cut by a fifth the number of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers in the country.

Starfish massacre on GBR

12 February 2018
A volunteer dive-team working in the south of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has claimed an unofficial record for removal of crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), after killing 47,000 in the space of the first eight days of February.

Rare hammerhead nursery discovered

10 February 2018
The first breeding and nursery area for endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks in Galapagos has been discovered off Santa Cruz, one of the main islands in the archipelago. Now Galapagos National Park scientists are studying and tagging the baby sharks in a bid to learn more about them and keep them protected.

Nuclear divers go to work at Sizewell

9 February 2018
Twelve specialist scuba-divers from the USA have been called in to remove radioactive waste from an English nuclear fuel-storage "pond". They have just started work at the Sizewell A reactor site near Leiston in Suffolk, which shut down 11 years ago.

Norman's Bay Wreck Goes VR

8 February 2018
Yet another of England's 53 protected wreck-sites has been made available as an online virtual dive-trail by Historic England (HE) - this time it's the Norman's Bay Wreck in Sussex.

Award for Deptherapy ambassador

6 February 2018
An ambassador for UK scuba rehabilitation charity Deptherapy has received a Royal Foundation Endeavour Fund award. Ben Lee, a former Royal Engineers private, was one of three wounded ex-servicemen to receive the Recognising Achievement Award at a ceremony at Goldsmiths’ Hall in London attended by HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Plastics threat to filter-feeders

5 February 2018
Amid current concerns about the effects of microplastics on marine mammals, fish and birds, the extent of the threat to large filter-feeding animals has not been fully recognised until now.

Hack means NAS needs help with anchors

4 February 2018
The distribution of particular types of anchor can indicate old trade-routes or mark the progress of exploration. Sometimes anchors are the last remaining visible symbol of an incident at sea - whether cut loose in emergency or marking the last resting place of a shipwreck.

Sun blamed for failure to follow drift-divers

3 February 2018
More details have emerged about the incident in which two divers were left behind by their dive-boat off Apo island in the Philippines on 29 January.

Australia accused of back-tracking on shark protection

2 February 2018
Australia's government has been criticised for opting out of a recent international pact to protect three species of threatened sharks and rays.

How crabs use hydroids to go fishing

1 February 2018
Decorator crabs like to cover themselves with invertebrates such as algae, sponges and hydrozoans, and this has always been associated with camouflage and, where the covering includes sti...

Diver banner raises protests in Thailand

31 January 2018
A dive-boat has been banned from entering a section of a marine park in Thailand, after a group of its divers were allowed to hold up a sign on a coral head congratulating a Japanese dive...

Divers abandoned by boat off Apo

30 January 2018
Two divers visiting the Philippines were left by their boat to drift until they were rescued late last night (29 January).

Spate of deaths raises concerns in Maui

29 January 2018
Two scuba divers and four snorkellers have died in separate incidents off the Hawaiian island of Maui - in the space of eight days.

Baltic wreck-preservation outdoes itself

27 January 2018
Several unusually well-preserved 17th- and 18th-century shipwrecks have been discovered in the Baltic Sea in recent years - but now divers have explored two significantly older ships foun...

'Marine motorhome for microbes' is killing coral

26 January 2018
The focus on plastic pollution in the oceans has until now been on the dangers of it entering the food-chain. But new research from the USA's Cornell University indicates that the problem...

Diver discovery doubles numbers of rare walking fish

25 January 2018
A team of divers in Australia have discovered a new population of what is believed to be the world's rarest fish.

Red Sea turtle headshots wanted

23 January 2018
The help of scuba divers and snorkellers is being sought for a Red Sea citizen science project called TurtleWatch Egypt.

Diver pays £375 per undersized lobster

21 January 2018
A scuba diver has been fined £3750 after being caught with a bag of undersized lobsters in the Northumberland coastal village of Beadnell last September.

Have your say on NHS plans to cut pots

20 January 2018
NHS England is proposing to cut by a fifth the number of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers in the country from 10 to 8, and has launched a 30-day public consultation to review the provis...

Lab food-web shows ocean-warming danger

19 January 2018
Scientists from South Australia's University of Adelaide have succeeded in demonstrating how climate change can drive the collapse of marine "food-webs".

Divers claim world's biggest cave-system in Mexico

17 January 2018
With a length of 347km, Sac Actun has been claimed by a dive-team as the world's largest flooded cave after they succeeded in connecting it with another flooded system, near the resort to...

British and Dutch wrecks found off Yucatan

16 January 2018
Two shipwrecks, a 19th-century British paddle-steamer and an 18th-century Dutch warship, have been found off the beach resort of Sisal in Mexico's Yucatan.

Fish change shape as shark threat recedes

15 January 2018
Fish are evolving with significantly smaller eyes and tails on reefs on which they are safe from shark predation.

May's plastic plans disappoint campaigners

13 January 2018
"Extremely disappointed" is how environmental charity the Marine Conservation Society has described its reaction to the Prime Minister's declaration this week that the British Government ...

WW2 sub graveyard reported off Tunisia

12 January 2018
A Belgian scuba diver has claimed to have found the wrecks of six Royal Navy submarines sunk off Tunisia during World War Two - though they are too deep for him to dive.

What pirates liked to read

11 January 2018
Paper rarely survives for long once waterlogged, let alone for 300 years. So the discovery of readable fragments on the wreck of Blackbeard's pirate ship "Queen Anne's Revenge" proved an ...

Divers flee sinking boat in Cozumel

10 January 2018
A dive boat carrying eight US divers sank off the coast of Cozumel in Mexico on 3 January.

Time for the People's Choice

9 January 2018
Wringing every drop out of the prestigious annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - and why not? - organiser the Natural History Museum launches its People's Choice Award to...

More charges as another beginner dies in Thailand

8 January 2018
A diving instructor, dive-boat captain and a tour guide have been charged with reckless behaviour following the death of a Japanese tourist on her first dive in Thailand on 4 January.