ROMANCE BLOSSOMED IN 2008 when Hollyoaks heart-throb Kevin Sacre met Danish-born Strictly Come Dancing professional Camilla Dallerup on a reality show about celebrities training rescue dogs (which Kevins dog won).
This July, they interlinked their surnames beneath a rose-covered gazebo at a beach club in Ibiza.
Camilla, 36, looked stunning in a ruffled ivory Suzanne Neville dress with shoestring straps, while Kevin,
32, sported a beige suit and cream tie.
The three bridesmaids were dressed in matching peach...
No, its no good, I cant keep this up. Covering the nuptials was Hellos job (its all in issue 1135). Its the honeymoon DIVER wanted to know about - that is, the extraordinary underwater experiences of the groom.
Extraordinary because of what he saw, and because he actually got away with doing some 15 dives on his honeymoon!
From Ibiza, the happy couple headed for the Maldives, in the cosseting embrace of the platinum-rated
Four Seasons resorts at Kuda Huraa in North Male Atoll, and Landaa Giraavaru in Baa Atoll. For Kevin, joy was unconfined, because not only was he going to spend time at two rather nice resorts with the love of his life, but he was at last going to qualify as a diver!
He had planned to do just that six years ago in Phuket in Thailand. He was all set for his first open-water dives - but it was the morning of Boxing Day, 2004.
We were on the east side, so the tsunami wave came along our shore, where the dive centre was, rather than up it. If wed gone out diving that day, who knows what would have happened he says. He still carries as a good-luck charm a 100-baht note he found among the flotsam.
More recently, an acting job involved a dive in the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, one of the worlds biggest fish-tanks (not the one that had the whale shark he quickly points out).
Finning among its thousands of inhabitants, particularly its 400 sharks and rays, rekindled his enthusiasm.

WORK ALWAYS SEEMED TO GET in the way of diving, however. Initially a Royal Shakespeare Company actor, eight years ago Kevin became Jake Dean in Channel 4s Hollyoaks, and left the teen soap only this June.
Now seeking new openings, the likeable Londoner might just become a diving instructor, because hes still buzzing after the Maldives trip.
Having done his PADI Open Water Diver theory online, he sailed through the practicals in three days with instructor Angela at Kuda Huraa. Ive always been a strong swimmer, and the whole process came quite naturally, nothing freaked me out, says Kevin.
I saw manta rays for the first time on my very first qualified dive. There were a lot of divers at the cleaning station, so we waited 40 minutes, and when we finally got into the water there were two mantas there.
We hung back, hovering, and it was that moment of awe as they glided towards me, with those huge mouths open. Theyre mesmerising.
All the training dives had been about following the course and going round the reef, and this time it was about staying still and soaking it all up. Thats when I appreciated neutral buoyancy.
Afterwards, the instructors told me Id been really lucky, because the mantas were just coming towards me, going around and over me and playing with my bubbles.
But that was just the warm-up. Over on Baa Atoll, we went out in a tiny boat to take photos - it was just the three of us diving [Kevin, photographer Thomas and instructor Asim], and Camilla was with us that day as well.
Camilla, it should be said, is not a natural water-person like our Kevin. She hates being on boats, so it was
a push even to get her on honeymoon on an island in the middle of the ocean. The fact that we actually got her out on a boat was amazing.
Then Thomas spotted a whale-shark fin, and suggested that, rather than kit up, they had better go snorkelling.
The water was very murky that day, and as we swam over, the first thing I saw was a manta, the biggest Id seen so far. It came out of nowhere, and actually made me jump.
I find snorkelling harder than diving, because you dont feel as in control, so it was quite a shock when Id been preparing myself for the whale shark.
Then I saw the whale shark itself.
It was even bigger - about 8m long, we reckoned. I thought the mantas had huge mouths until I saw that. Seeing how gentle it was made it a magical moment.
Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll has won an enviable reputation for big animal encounters, and the Four Seasons is a 20-minute boat ride away, right in the midst of the proposed UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The research guys had told us that theyd never seen mantas in such numbers as they had the day before, says Kevin.
There were still no other boats at the site as the three divers kitted up and descended to see for themselves.
There were 100-plus mantas around us, and the way theyd follow each other in line was amazing. Wed see them coming in our direction, and suddenly theyd start rolling around us.
We were the only divers, about 15m down, and at that point I thought, we cant actually move - were hemmed in, and we just have to enjoy it!
They got closer and closer as the numbers increased, and it was almost like a cartoon where characters are stuck inside a tornado, but a tornado of mantas.
You watch them barrel-rolling individually to pick up the plankton.
I could tell from the other guys reaction that this was something special, because theyre quite blase about seeing mantas. And then, on top of all that, the whale shark returned. It was unbelievable.
Understandably, Kevin Sacre-Dallerup is now addicted to diving. I could happily give up acting to do it - Im hooked. If I hadnt just got married and wasnt with anyone, I would have stayed in the Maldives as long as possible, to get as qualified as I could.
We did a few reefs where there were overhangs, and I found it quite frustrating that I couldnt go deeper than 20m.
I wouldve taken my Advanced, but I ran out of time.
But Kevin, this was your honeymoon! Yes, I was amazed I got away with so much, but I went diving and Cam enjoyed all the spa treatments.
When I was learning I was going morning and afternoon, but because it happened so easily most of the sessions went from being three hours to two, so we still had loads of time together. And once Id learnt, I made sure I just did the morning dives - after all, youve got to spend some time with your wife!

NOW KEVIN IS BURSTING with diving plans - he cant wait to get into nitrox, to try current hooks, to do a night dive, to experience underwater Thailand and the Great Barrier Reef, and to become an underwater photographer. They gave me a little digital camera but I found it frustrating, so I want to get a housing for my SLR.
He also fancies a great white shark encounter. Ive always been fascinated by sharks. Probably the worst thing for Camilla is that I dont have a fear of anything in the sea and never have had, or for that matter any extreme sport - I love to snowboard, and since I did a jump for work Im dying to get into sky-diving.
In fact I think scuba divings quite good for me, because the safety protocols are so thorough. As long
as you do everything by the book, it seems a very safe sport. I think the hardest thing for me to get past will be going inside wrecks, because Im quite claustrophobic on land.
He plans to get his other half involved, too. If youre not good on your Strictly Come Dancing personnel, Camilla won the contest with Tom Chambers in 2008, and the following year made Heat-type headlines when she bailed out of Im A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here after just three days.
Just look at her now - she is a motivational speaker and Neuro Linguistic Programming master practitioner.
That girls always busy, she never stops, says Kevin. I banned her from her Blackberry on our honeymoon, because its always been a three-way relationship.
Shes not very confident in the water, though, and after wed seen the whale shark and all these hundreds of mantas, she still wouldnt get in. I said, Im not going to push you, but youll always kick yourself if you dont see this.
And in the end the only kicking was of Camillas fins off the boat.
I went out snorkelling with Kevin the day all the mantas were in the water, and it was a magical experience, she says. Theyre so peaceful and beautiful.
I had decided to just watch the whale shark from the boat, as I found that quite overpowering, but Im so happy Kevin convinced me to jump in the water and swim with the mantas. Its a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed!
Crafty Kevin is poised to take advantage. Seeing Cam so elated, I thought good, I can slowly, slowly cajole you into doing this - then we can go away on more diving holidays. No self-interest whatsoever!
While Kevin also enjoyed diving with Napoleon wrasse, whitetip and lemon sharks and the many turtles, it wasnt only the big stuff that appealed. I found myself getting really interested in the life on the reef, the clown anemonefish and the garden eels - its a magical world.
I was told about the coral damage from El Niño in 1998, and you can still see the bleaching, but the hard coral is coming back, and the life is there in abundance. We saw the frames where theyre growing live coral, which seems to be working - it will just take time.
The two Four Seasons resorts in the Maldives have placed more than 600 coral trays between them, transplanting some 60,000 coral fragments as part of their reef-regeneration project.

THE MALDIVES EXPERIENCE wont be forgotten. I cant rave enough about the dive teams at both resorts - they bend over backwards to help you.
I asked Angela what she did on her days off and she said: I go diving. Ive always thought that if you can find a job that doesnt feel like work youre onto a winner, and you could tell that they all loved what they did.
I found myself becoming the green-eyed monster. I got home and I said to Camilla: When can we go away diving again

Kuoni (01306 747008, offers eight nights at the two Maldives Four Seasons Resorts, with four at Landaa Giraavaru in a beach bungalow with pool and four at Kuda Huraa in a beach pavilion with pool, both with breakfast.
Including return flights with Sri Lankan Airlines, transfers and use of airport lounges in the UK and Male, October 2010 prices are from £3991 per person for two sharing.
Prices at the dive centres of both resorts (www.fourseasons. com) are broadly the same. A one-day Adventure Course (three theory sessions, three dives) costs US $440, and an Open Water Diver course (3-4 days dive excursions, five theory sessions, five confined and four open-water sessions) $795 at Landaa Giraavaru, $895 at Kuda Huraa.
A house reef dive costs $50 and boat dives $80-95 each, depending on overall number booked, with nitrox at no extra