Another account of learning to dive From Numpty Diver To MSD In Six Months! chronicles the first 50 dives of a woman called Mel Close. These were carried out mainly in the wintry North-west of England and the Canary Islands.
The book is written in a breezy style, like someone dashing off emails to a friend about her latest exploits, and may appeal to divers just embarking on Discover Scuba or Open Water Diver courses, as Mel did, and wondering what the Advanced, Rescue Diver and some of the PADI specialities will be like. It wont detain them long, at 54 pages including mono photos.
I had to wonder about some of the training in Tenerife - taking a new diver beyond 30m without lead because her DPV will serve to weigh her down, then expecting her to leave the scooter and go for
a swim, doesnt sound that bright an idea, especially when it results in a missed safety stop.
At least Mel tries to argue about it later - then has to repeat the experience, even deeper. She was better off in Capernwray.
Steve Weinman
  • From Numpty Diver To MSD In Six Months! by Mel Close (Scotforth Books, ISBN 1904244408). Softback, 54pp, 5.99

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