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Muck Sydney-style

Appeared in DIVER July 2016
The thing NIGEL MARSH misses most about his native Sydney is its amazing muck-diving. Can it really be that good so near to a major city? Join him on a three-day tour of the weird and the wonderful

Mesmerised in an octopus garden

Appeared in DIVER December 2013
JAMIE WATTS celebrates the joy of diving with eight-limbed masters of illusion. Main image by DAVID HALL

Too slow for comfort

Appeared in DIVER June 2013
Their ponderous nature exposes them to human interference - JAMIE WATTS looks at the only marine mammals to have thrived, until recently, at least, on a vegetarian diet. Photos by MALCOLM NOBBS

Playing with fire

Appeared in DIVER April2011
More divers have been injured by jellyfish than by any other sea creature, according to Big Question. But marine biologist Jamie Watts would rather see us appreciating our gelatinous summer visitors

Spring carnival

Appeared in DIVER April 2011
Colourful small fish around the UK are preparing for their annual mating rituals, and the patient diver can enjoy the spectacle, says Jonas Andersson

Trigger happy

Appeared in DIVER March 2010
More and more exotic species are being spotted around the British Isles, and this includes the strange-looking grey triggerfish. Stuart Philpott knows just where to find them

Kingdom of the Seahorse

Appeared in DIVER March 2010
For seahorses, home usually seems to be wherever they can wrap their tails, but vast numbers of these very particular critters have chosen a barren Atlantic seabed as their abode. Stuart Philpott explains

Refreshment at Beacon Rock

Appeared in DIVER 2009
John Bantin could hardly be bothered to do the over-familiar dive. He missed the briefing and didnt know which way to turn under water. Luckily, a shell-suited guide was waiting

How green is your diving

Appeared in DIVER June 2007
For some reason, people tend to believe that divers have an almost automatic concern for the environment; were considered green by default.


Appeared in DIVER June 2004
For 10 years Gavin Parsons pursued a personal ambition, and every year he grew more frustrated in the attempt. Why should last summer prove any different to the previous nine We follow one mans quest to get on terms with the worlds second-biggest fish

The Shark's Last Stand

As Open Water promises to make a new generation of movie-goers tremble, its increasingly clear that sharks are in sore need of better PR. But is it already too late John Bantin and Monty Halls assess the extent of the threat to sharks - and explain how divers can make the difference.

Another chomp for Bite-Back

Latest score for marine conservation organisation Bite-Back has been to persuade Waitrose, UK Seafood Retailer of the Year, to stop selling orange roughy from its 166 British stores.

Whale shark tag tells sad tale

The tag attached to a whale shark suddenly ended up stationary and on land - most probably because the animal was caught and eaten.

Skomer no-take zone: your chance to respond

Pembrokeshires Skomer Marine Nature Reserve could soon become a fishing no-take zone, in order to restore the islands waters to full health and increase its appeal to visitors. Divers, in particular, stand to gain.

MPs lobbied over Marine Bill

A boatload of marine conservationists and other members of the public rolled up at Westminster by boat recently to lobby MPs on taking an active part in steering the Governments forthcoming Marine Bill.

Campaigners win concession over captive mammals

Conservation group Marine Connection claims to have persuaded the Egyptian government to ban the import of marine mammals as visitor attractions. The move follows a campaign by MC over wh...

National Marine Aquarium backs sub-aquatic publicists

Plymouths National Marine Aquarium has announced a charity to fund projects which demonstrate the fascinations of the marine world - and the need to protect its sometimes vulnerable inhab...

Reef excavation sounds alarms

Concern has been expressed by divers, conservationists and tour operators in several European countries about the recent removal of shoreline reef at a hotel in southern Egypt.

Lundy lobster growth no flash in the pan

The Lundy No-Take Zone, Britain's first legally protected area from which nothing living can be taken, is getting the thumbs-up after two years in existence.