Having recently returned from a trip to north-east Bali, I was quite interested to review Tulamben - Reef, Wreck and Critter Guide. Had I covered the best sites What had I missed out on
I was pleased to find that I had dived the top half of the sites covered by the book and that the descriptions pretty much matched my impressions of the dives and the critters to look out for. With the help of my local guide I had found and photographed most of them, ALthough there are some macro weirdos that I missed. I could have done with this guide book a couple of months earlier.
Jeff and Dawn Mullins obviously know their patch inside out, and are pretty good photographers as well. Its a shame, however, that the matt reproduction doesnt really do the pictures justice - bright and glossy would be better.
I would have liked to have seen a more detailed map, too, but other that its as good as any guide book. You browse in the shop and decide which one suits the way you like to research your trip.
John Liddiard
  • Tulamben - Reef, Wreck and Critter Guide by Jeff & Dawn Mullins (Reef Images, www.tulamben.i8.com). Softback, 32pp, US $20.

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