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God's Pocket

Appeared in DIVER September 2017
This coldwater Pacific classic can create dilemmas for photographers, says MARK B HATTER, torn between tiny rockfish and huge 'GPOs' in British Columbia

Vancouver Style

Appeared in DIVER May 2016
Sun blazing above, a tad nippy below, but off Nanaimo in the Canadian Pacific you stay submerged as long as possible, because you never know what you might see, says JO CAIRD
Photography by STEVE PRETTY

Rhode Island Blues and Makos After Dark

Appeared in DIVER April2016
This US Atlantic state might be better known for its reds than its blues, but shark-divers might consider adding it to their wish-lists after reading about the recent underwater experiences of photojournalist FREDRIK AKERMAN

Bounty hunter

Appeared in DIVER April 2014
Its a violent world in the waters off west Florida, where big guys emit sonic booms and the dive guides are armed and dangerous. NIGEL WADE reports

Gathering of the Sand Tigers

Appeared in DIVER July 2012
Diving a World War Two wreck and its inhabitants changed MIKE GERKENs life. The professional underwater photo-journalist, filmmaker and dive-boat captain explains how it came about

Nice wreck if you can get it!

Appeared in DIVER February 2012
JOHN BANTIN drops into quiet Palm Beach in Florida for some wreck-diving, but nothing's ever easy

Scarface rising

Appeared in DIVER November 2011
Early spring brings a sea full of icebergs; summer finds thousands of whales migrating along the Newfoundland coast. ELINE FEENSTRA and photographer RENE LIPMANN are on what is billed as the ultimate adventure quest - snorkelling with humpbacks and diving on some of the worlds best wrecks

Ding dong bell

Appeared in DIVER January 2011
Here's a holiday idea from MIKE WARD that every coldwater wreck enthusiast should consider - Bell Island in Newfoundland. These shipwrecks are a bit special

In a land of giants

Appeared in DIVER October 2010
Sue Daly travelled to British Columbia dreaming of encountering marine creatures big beyond her wildest dreams - but found some smaller pleasures along the way

Wrecks of the Florida Keys

Appeared in DIVER August 2010
Its a fly-drive-dive holiday, and the kingsize wrecks at your stopovers were all put there deliberately. John Bantin hits the highway that goes to sea - Highway 1

Where icebergs go to die

Appeared in DIVER January 2009
...you can go tomorrow! There's something unnerving about diving under a ship-killer, as Gavin Parsons discovers in Newfoundland. This really is a holiday with a difference


Theres no sweat to fixing up a dive in the Sunshine State, says John Liddiard - just pick up a phone and jump in the car. A Florida holiday can take you to Disney World one day and an underwater theme park the next


Appeared in DIVER July 2006
From the many shark-shrouded wartime wrecks of Torpedo Junction to artificial reefs attended, surprisingly, by lionfish, John Liddiard finds much to enjoy in the hectic Gulf Stream currents off North Carolina

An uncommon thief

Appeared in DIVER April 2006
Octopuses grow to awesome size in the Pacific North-west. Susan Crane had an interesting encounter with an acquisitive specimen while diving in Washington state

Home of the blues

Appeared in DIVER February 2006
Travelling to California, Zac Macaulay learns to dive the American way as he goes in search of a shark he has always wanted to see

Diving Nova Scotia

Having left Britain in an early-May heatwave to sample the diving scene in Nova Scotia, a blinding snowstorm raged as we landed at Halifax. What was I letting myself in for? Would the water be as cold as the weather? I had been invited to dive Canada's little-explored Atlantic coast by John Davis and Rick Haupt, a pair of eco-evangelist divers who, incensed by the destruction of Nova Scotia's rich underwater heritage by plundering wreck divers, set about establishing a tourist industry based on eco-friendly diving by Peter Ellegard.

Plankton Ride!

Taking her chances in the powerful, nutrient-rich coastal currents of British Columbia, Evelyn Seeger enjoys an exhilarating sweep through a world of metre-wide starfish, titanic octopuses and giant bull kelp.

A Dip into God's Pocket

God's Pocket is a diving resort in a natural harbour off the northern tip of Vancouver Island, where Brendan O'Brien enjoyed the rich marine life of the tidal stream

Ghost Ships on Ice

Never mind raising shipwrecks to fill museums - marine archaeologists in Canada have brought the museums to the shipwrecks. Brendan O'Brien braves the chill waters that keep these exhibit...

Halifax Give You Extra

One of the best things about diving in the UK is that we have more wrecks per mile of coastline than anywhere else in the world. But if we are number one for wrecks, who comes second? Joh...

Canada Wet

The deliberate sinking of the frigate Scylla in Cornwall has drawn a lot of attention, but what do the past masters of coldwater artificial reef-laying have to show for their efforts over...

Dive Las Vegas

Forget the fruit machines and roulette wheels, Julie Morrissey decided to play the diving card in the Nevada desert

Paddling in Catalina

It's the ultimate one-man dive boat, though only the Californians seem to have discovered the merits of the kayak as a handy way of reaching those awkward dive sites. But you ignore exper...

The Empress's New Clothes

It didn't sound promising, just a barge scuttled off Florida's east coast. At first Denise Mattia turned up her nose at the prospect but, as she discovered, a decade can work wonders on a...

Key to the Highway

The Keys are a group of coral islands stretching 100 miles from the tip of mainland Florida. John Liddiard has been sampling the diving from the first, Key Largo, to the end of the South ...

Fat Sirens of the Crystal River

Manatees are so sweet-natured that they are a danger to themselves, but an underwater encounter with these gentle giants is unforgettable. That experience is within your reach if, as Fran...

North, to Alaska!

God is said to have been tired when he made Alaska, with its chaotically convoluted 10,000km coastline. But he was certainly wide awake when he filled the seas off Americas northernmost s...

Round Trip from Anchorage

The northernmost state of the USA offers unusual diving experiences as part of a menu of sporting pastimes in both winter and summer. Barb Roy reports from Alaska

Anti-terror squad

Appeared in DIVER January 2005
The safety of 4 million passengers and crew passing through Miami on almost 3000 luxury cruise liners, oil-tankers and freighters depends on a small team of courageous police divers. They...


Holidaying on a shoestring doesnt make you tight - it just means you get more diving in! But how cheap can a dive trip be, and do you need to become a temporary tramp John Liddiard is a h...