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Footloose no longer
Brian is a careful man. He is a safety advisor on gas installations in the North Sea and goes diving during his weeks off. He may live south of the Humber but he exhibits the sort of carefulness in his purchasing decisions often associated with those who live to the north of that river.
     I let him borrow the expensive pair of Apollo Biofin XTs I was using during a Red Sea trip. They were fitted with optional stainless-steel sprung fin-straps.
     Why am I telling you this Because Brian wanted me to sell him the fins after he had used them. In fact, he was quite persistent. But then, they werent mine to sell; neither would I have swapped them for money if they were. Theyve become my favourites, too.
     We both agreed that they gave less stress on our leg muscles because we felt we were getting more performance for less effort. They also look likely to last for a very long time. Biofins are tough and they are fitted with these straps, which make other fins look positively temporary! The Apollos have cleaned up consistently in our past three fin comparison tests and they seem to be as tough as those old rubber Jet-fins all we dinosaur divers once possessed. The addition of these almost indestructible fin-straps simply adds icing to that particular cake.
     They are fitted to the fins by means of stainless-steel bolts through two holes drilled on each side. There are spring-holder bases, strap-plates and top covers to spread the load. Washers stop the bolts from chafing the rubber. All the fittings are stainless steel, too.
     The springs pass through thick rubber heel-protectors, which in turn have designed-in loops to give you something on which to tug when pulling them over your heel.
     The whole thing makes for a very workmanlike job, and presumably these spring-straps can be fitted to a wide range of other fins, too.
     In use, you simply pull them over your heels and forget about them. No more embarrassing moments sitting in the boat and waiting to go over the side while holding a short length of broken rubber helplessly in your hand. The only thing likely to break is the rubber loop with which you pull them on because, of course, the rubber tends to stretch more than the metal.
     During finning, I found that the pressure of the springs pushed my boots further into the foot-pocket of the fins, so that they really felt like extensions of my legs. The addition of these straps leaves me in no doubt that these are my favourite fins to date. That is, until something better comes along!
The Apollo stainless-steel Spring Straps cost £54.95.

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    + Almost indestructible

    - Only the additional cost