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udy Winterman received the DIVER Trophy and a cheque for 100 donated by DIVER magazine at a reception held by BSoUP at its headquarters in Londons Imperial College.

Judy may not be exactly a beginner, but the competition is for any BSoUP member or non-member who has yet to finish first to third in a national or international underwater photo contest.

Each photographer submits a portfolio of six shots taken anywhere other than an aquarium or pool. We reproduce here Judys set of winning shots taken in Egypt, Bonaire and Australia between 2000 and 2004.

Regular trips abroad over the past few years have given me the opportunity to take more photographs and see some wonderful countries, Judy, a BSoUP member, told Divernet. In 1996 I took out a mortgage to purchase a housed Nikon F90X SLR, which I adore!

Judy started out with a Motormarine Sea and Sea Mark I camera in 1986, moved to a Nikonos V in 1990 and finally plumped for the F90, having become fairly frustrated with composition using the fixed-focus Nikonos.

Judy learned to dive in Scotland, but moved south in 1987. She is now an Advanced Diver with the BSACs Brighton branch.

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