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The annual Stoney Cove Splash-in competition is a genuine test of talent: anybody who can take a great photo on a cold and grey November day in Stoney Cove has got to be both technically competent and creative. Click on the thumbnail shots for a larger version of each pic.

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Charles Erb, provided a range of stunningly composed and executed shots in digital format.

Trevor Rees took first place in the digital photography category with a stunning portrait.

hspace=6Antonia Cox won second place in the digital photography category with her great shot of two pike.

hspace=6 H Charlotte was highly commended in the digital photography category for her study of a crayfish.


hspace=6 Mark Gradwell took top honours in the slide category.

hspace=6 Two photographers shared joint second place in the slide category:

Ric Waring with an atmospheric photo of the bow of the Stanegarth and

hspace=6 Steve Brown with a sharp photo of a diver on the Stanegarths name plate

The Stoney Cove Splash in is an annual photography event organised by DIVER and Stoney Cove to celebrate and encourage UK diving and underwater photography.