Special British Awards

MARINE LIFE: HC* Dave Peake (Cuttlefish); Bronze Lucy Kay (Edible Crab); Silver Anne Norris (Cuttlefish); Gold Paul Kay (Lesser Octopus)
PEOPLE/SCENERY: HC Gemma Frith (x2, Life in Rockpools); Bronze (Not Awarded); Silver (Not Awarded); Gold Paul Kay (Shallow Kelp Forest)
MACRO: HC Lucy Kay (Nudibranch on Red Seaweed); Bronze Paul Kay (Queen Scallop); Silver Paul Kay (Snake Pipefish Peeping Out of Shallow Seaweed); Gold Lucy Kay (Nudibranch)

Non Grand Master
MARINE LIFE: HC Erik Bjurstrom (Jaws), Amanda Gibson (Grey Angelfish); Bronze Feliciana Montagna (Occhi D Argento); Silver Yuri Bautta (Yellow Dream); Gold Lindy Horner (Collared Butterflyfish)
PEOPLE/SCENERY: HC David Cubbin (Swimmer Series, No2); Bronze Peter Hince (Silhouette of Divers); Silver David Cubbin (Swimmer Series, No1); Gold Frederik Spencer (Iris)
MACRO: HC Yuri Bautta (Velvet), Leslie Chan (x 2, Family, Nature), Charles Frodsham (Metridium); Bronze Erik Bjurstrom (Coral Inhabitant); Silver Leslie Chan (Face to Face); Gold Davide Vezzaro (Red Labyrinth)

Grand Master
MARINE LIFE: HC Alessandro Tommasi (Cartoon), Mirko Zanni (Ghost); Bronze Alessandro Tommasi (Twins Over the Fins); Silver Alessandro Tommasi (Zues faber); Gold Alessandro Tommasi (UFO)
PEOPLE/SCENERY: HC Kenneth McDonald (Man From Atlantis - I Think Not); Bronze Kenneth McDonald (Demon of the Deep); Silver Paul Kay (Shallow Kelp Forest); Gold Fredrik Ehrenstrom (White Waterlily)
MACRO: HC Settimio Cipriani (Softness); Bronze Mirko Zanni (Transparency); Silver Alessandro Dodi (Guardian); Gold Alessandro Dodi (Black and Green)


Special British Awards
MARINE LIFE: HC Brian Pitkin (Cuckoo Wrasse), Roy Waller (Lesser Octopus); Bronze Dave Peake (Squat Lobster on Sea Fan); Silver Joanne Mahy (Angler Fish); Gold Jim Greenfield (Angler Fish)
PEOPLE/SCENERY: (No awards in this class)
MACRO: HC Sue Daly (Scorpion Spider Crab), Joanne Mahy (Nudibranch); Bronze Joanne Mahy (Tube Worm); Silver Linda Pitkin (Snakelocks Anemone Shrimp); Gold Roy Waller (Little Cuttle)

Non Grand Master
MARINE LIFE: HC Jeff Collett (x 2, Frogfish & Yellowback Fusiliers), Judy Newton (Angelfish); Bronze Jeff Collett (Humphead Parrot Fish); Silver Shmulik Blum (Turtle); Gold Jeff Collett (Lionfish)
PEOPLE/SCENERY: HC (Not Awarded); Bronze (Not Awarded); Silver Bob Allen (Unknown Wreck); Gold Shmulik Blum (Fish & Silhouetted Diver)
MACRO: HC Jeff Collett (Tiger Goby on Black Coral), Carole Harris (Camouflaged Shrimp on Coral), Shaun Tierney (Yellow Leaf Fish), Tony White (Juvenile Leafy Seadragon); Bronze Jeff Collett (Pipefish); Silver David Cubbin (Squirrel Fish); Gold Giuseppe Pignataro (Profile)

Grand Master
MARINE LIFE: HC Len Deeley (Hawksbill Turtle), Fredrik Ehrenstrom (Long-nosed Hawkfish), Brian Pitkin (Octopus), Roberto Testa (Clean-up); Bronze Franco Banfi (Whales); Silver Winfried Persinger (Rays); Gold Pete Atkinson (Beveridge Reef)
PEOPLE/SCENERY: HC Franco Banfi (x 2, Cornino & Swim Under), Brian Pitkin (Big-eye); Bronze Per Eide (Last Voyage); Silver Franco Banfi (Manatee); Gold Franco Banfi (Feeling)
MACRO: HC Pete Atkinson (x 2, Sardonic Trumpetfish & Transparency), Per Eide (Cuckoo Wrasse); Bronze Paulo Bausani (Seahorse); Silver Malcolm Hey (Arrow Crab); Gold Burkhard Ohlendorf (Watchful Goby)


Special British Awards HC* Len Deeley; Bronze (Not Awarded); Silver (Not Awarded); Gold (Not Awarded)
Non Grand Master HC Bob Allen (Spring Clean), Guido Villani (Mixed Portfolio); Bronze Joanne Mahy (Tube Worms); Silver Gavin Anderson (Marine Life); Gold Gavin Anderson (Moray Eel Series)
Grand Master HC Pete Atkinson (On Safari), Hilary Driscoll (Mixed Portfolio), Linda Dunk (x 2, Mixed Portfolios No 1& 3), Alessandro Tommasi (Small Fishes in Action); Bronze Michael Pitts (Manta Rays); Silver Winfried Persinger (Mixed Portfolio); Gold Franco Banfi (Mixed Portfolio)


HC Erik Bjurstrom (Strange Intruder), Per Eide (Norwegian Waters); Bronze Cipriani Settimio (Water Droplet); Silver Fredrik Ehrenstrom (Lost Golfball); Gold Chris Wilton (Grey Reef Shark)


Bronze Len Deeley (Through a Sea Darkly); Silver Les Kemp (Ling-Lo); Gold Les Kemp (Watermark)


Special British Award Gold Sue Daly
Non-Professional HC Leandro Blanco (Missing You), Sue Daly (Spring Underwater); Bronze Osvaldo Ballabio (Papua New Guinea); Silver Leandro Blanco (Life is a Circus), Johnny Letellier (Sepia); Gold Terry Elding (Ocean Odyssey)
Professional Bronze Michael Pitts (Lost Lakes of the Pacific); Silver Neil Nightingale & Mary Summerill (Dive to Shark City); Gold (Not Awarded)


The Blandford Sub Aqua Trophy for the Best Festival Print - Alessandro Tommasi (UFO)
(Awarded, along with a prize Red Sea live-aboard holiday worth£900 donated by GOLDENJOY, to one of the Print gold medal winners)
The Regal Diving Trophy for the Best Festival Slide - Pete Atkinson (Beveridge Reef)
(Awarded, along with a prize Red Sea live-aboard holiday worth£1400 donated by REGAL DIVING, to one of the Slide gold medal winners)
The Aqua-Lung Trophy for the Best Portfolio - Franco Banfi
(Awarded, along with a prize Sulawesi holiday worth£2/2500 donated by EXPLORERS TOURS, to one of the Portfolio gold medal winners)
The Nikon UK Trophy for the Best Manipulated Image - Chris Wilton (Grey Reef Shark)
(Awarded, along with a prize Nikon F90 camera/60mm lens worth£1089 donated by NIKON UK, to the Manipulated Image gold medal winner)
The A.P. Valves Trophy for the best Audio Visual - Les Kemp (Watermark)
(Awarded, along with a prize Buddy Trident BC worth£410 donated by A.P. VALVES, to the Audio Visual gold medal winner)
The Videoquip Trophy for the best Moving Image (Non-Professional - Terry Elding (Ocean Odyssey)
(Awarded, along with a prize Sony Handycam video and housing worth£1000 donated by VIDEOQUIP, to the gold medal winner)
The Scubapro Trophy for the best Moving Image (Professional) - Neil Nightingale & Mary Summerill (Dive To Shark City)
(Awarded, along with a prize of Scubapro diving equipment worth£1000 donated by SCUBAPRO, to the top medal winner)
The BSoUP Trophy for the Most Promising Underwater Photographer - Jeff Collett
(Awarded, along with a prize Vortex drysuit worth£515 donated by NORTHERN DIVER, to the photographer whose entries in the Non Grand Master categories show the greatest promise in the opinion of the judges)
The Sea & Sea Trophy for the Best British Underwater Photographer - Pete Atkinson
(Awarded, along with a prize of£1000-worth of photographic gear donated by SEA & SEA, to the British photographer whose overall entry in the stills categories, wherever shot, is of the most outstanding quality, proving consistent photographic technique and talent)
The DIVER Magazine Trophy for the Grand Master of Underwater Photography - Franco Banfi
(Awarded, along with a prize Drager Ray rebreather and training worth£2000 donated by DRAGER DIVE & DIVER TRAINING ACADEMY, to the photographer whose overall entry in the stills categories is of the most outstanding quality, proving consistent photographic technique and talent)

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