Close Up: 1st Gareth Millson

Wide-angle: 1st Charles Erb

As a result of the changes, the April competition, organised by Stoney Cove and DIVER, attracted more entries than usual - and the results are here to see.
Entrants were asked to present portfolios of three shots in any or all of three categories - Close Up, Wide Angle and Aquatic Life. They made an early start to the day to capture shots of the Cove in good visibility.
Entries were downloaded from pre-registered memory cards straight to computer on site to be judged later, with no post-shoot image manipulation allowed. The two very experienced judges were DIVERs John Bantin and Brian Pitkin, Chairman of the British Society of Underwater Photographers.
Overall winner was a previous winner of the competition, Charles Erb. He topped the Wide Angle category with the highest-scoring single image, of a diver by the submarine, and also came second in both this and the Aquatic Life categories, with another sub/diver shot and a pair of pike respectively.
Overall runners-up were Mark Eaton, who topped the Aquatic Life category with his worm-eating crayfish and also came third with a perch; and Gareth Millson, two of whose pictures, including the pikes head shown, were judged best in the Close Up category.
Also highly commended were two photographers who came third in different categories, Steve Bateson in Wide Angle and Tim Ingmire in Close Up.

Aquatic Life: 1st Mark Eaton