No-one can dispute that Michael Aw is one of the worlds most accomplished underwater photographers, or that he has been business-minded enough to publish his own books successfully. I was full of praise for his first how to book on basic digital photography. It seemed to be just what was needed at that time.
His follow-up Advanced Guide closely follows the same format and I had high hopes of it. However, while it is a great progression for those who may be shooting jpegs in their cameras, there are obvious holes for anyone to whom the word advanced means more than advanced a little from the beginning.
So although I would recommend it to anyone who had progressed from using his first book, it isnt that useful for those who might be shooting with a DSLR under water and recording the camera files in RAW format.
In fact Michael Aw glances off that subject rather like a tossed stone skimming off the surface of a lake. He mentions only one of the seven palettes of useful tools available, and does the same with several other important aspects of what I would term advanced digital photography.
He does pay homage to a few of his peers, but even this resembles little more than a caption to a few of their pictures.
No secrets are revealed. I feel that this is a half-hearted attempt to cover what is a very big subject. No doubt the highly advanced version is already more than a gleam in Aws eye.
John Bantin
ISBN 1876381086, michael@oneocean.com. Softback, 132pp, £12.99