Pictures win big prizes!

hspace=5 Mark Koekemoers PhotoCall column has all the top tips, but we want to see what sort of images you’re producing - and give credit where its due!
Our online PhotoCall competition gives you the chance to upload your best work to Divernet.com, and to win not only wider exposure and monthly prizes but, ultimately, an amazing £2800 fortnight in the Philippines.
Each month at Divernet.com we offer you a new theme. You upload up to three relevant images, each of no more than 600 pixels.
Mark Koekemoer will judge each months submissions for content, style, quality and relevance. The winning image will be announced and reproduced both online and in Diver, and the photographer wins a £300 INON UK voucher redeemable against lenses, flashguns or accessories at any official INON UK product centre (www.inonuk.com).
hspace=5 After a year, when 12 winners have been picked, their work will be judged to find the grand prize-winner. The prize A two-centre, two-week trip to the Philippines, including all flights, full-board accommodation and unlimited diving, worth £2800!
This great prize is offered by Atlantis Dive Resorts, which has centres in two prime diving locations, Puerto Galera and Dumaguete, and runs the annual Atlantis Foto Festival.

The winner will join Mark Koekemoer on an INON UK group trip to the festival in summer 2011, and Diver will reproduce the results of his or her diving experiences.

Click Keith Savills evocative study of schooling snapper in the Red Sea is the first monthly winner of DIVERs PhotoCall @ Divernet online competition.
The theme for March was Peak of the Action, dealing with fast-movingsubjects.
Keith wins a £300 INON UK voucher redeemable against lenses, flashguns or accessories.
He also goes forward to the judging next year for the grand prize ­ a £2800 two-week trip to the annual Atlantis Foto Festival in the Philippines.
  hspace=10 The theme for April entries is -
 “Colourful Creatures - Images taken with a Compact & Built-In Flash”.