Totally Wrecked

Monty Halls good humoured approach to expedition-leading shines through on the DVD Totally Wrecked. As much fun as it sounds to dive dozens of household-name wrecks on a continuous global trek over a couple of months, the downsides are also apparent.
Illnesses, logistical hiccups, weather, safety worries and equipment failures all play a part in making the going tough at times, and one of the team is almost a gonner late on in the trip, but the intrepid Full Circle Expeditions leader usually manages to maintains his well-laugh-about-this-later brio.
The trip gets off to a shaky start in Scapa Flow, where bad weather hampers diving, but things soon warm up in the Red Sea and the Med and its good to watch the group, or at least some of them, gaining proficiency in wreck penetration as the trip goes on.
Their growing confidence is repaid on great wrecks such as the Japanese wartime casualties of Palau and Chuuk; the Calvin Coolidge in Vanuatu; the Yongala in Australia; the Waikato, Rainbow Warrior and Mikhail Lermentov in New Zealand; and Bianca C in Grenada. There are some interesting non-wreck dives in there too.
There are gaps - the wreck footage from Palau is disappointing and that from Scapa understandably sparse - but this is an enjoyable diving DVD and handy for reference should you be visiting any of these 10 shipwreck sites.
Steve Weinman

  • Totally Wrecked (Full Circle Expeditions, £14.99