So You Want To Live On An Island... by Gay Morse
So You Want To Live On An Island... by Gay Morse

Have you ever wanted to work as a dive professional on a remote island So You Want To Live On An Island... will either confirm your desire or put you right off.
Gay Morse is a Texan who has lived and worked at the Pirates Point resort in Little Cayman in the Caribbean for many years, and she is a big-time advocate of getting away from it all. She has collected humorous anecdotes from other islanders, staff and guests, bundled them into themed chapters, added in a history of the island and launched the result onto the market.
The book is relentless in its pursuit of fun - in line with the resorts market, it is very American-folksy, peppered with exclamation marks and how we howled with laughter-type conclusions to each story. That alone may be enough to put you off wanting to pursue a career change of this sort, but to be fair the book also contains its share of warnings that such a life is not for everybody.
If Gays warm-hearted and well-produced book comes over as an extended plug for Pirates Point rather than a work of universal applicability, its probably as good a promotional device as any one dive centre has devised. Its certainly worth a read if youre diving the Caymans.
Whats more, I must admit that it did make me want to visit the resort - as much to try out the excitingly described cooking as for the diving.
Steve Weinman

So You Want To Live On An Island... by Gay Morse (, ISBN 0974955604). Softback, 220pp, $14.95