Diving & Snorkelling Guam & Yap by Tim Rock
Diving & Snorkelling Guam & Yap by Tim Rock

Those Lonely Planet people have bought the Pisces Diving & Snorkelling Guides from US publisher Gulf, and are redeveloping them. The publisher has set out to improve the quality of these books by adding extra information and new sections.
Judging by its guide to Guam & Yap, Lonely Planet has started well. This guide has a far more punchy layout than the Pisces version, with a lot more colour photographs. Original author Tim Rock has improved his photography hugely and his new images contribute to the overall improvement.
The extra information includes handy sections on marine life and underwater photography, plus details of marine conservation organisations.
The new icon system highlighting dive conditions for each site is supposed to allow an at-a-glance assessment to be made, though I did take a while to get used to it.
A section on Micronesias less-well-known Rota Island is included. Rota is only a 20-minute flight from Guam and offers a great World War Two wreck dive and a fantastic cathedral-like cave dive, so its inclusion is well worthwhile.
If you are planning a tripto Micronesia, this is an excellent guide to take with you. While crammed full of useful information it is small enough to fit into your hand luggage and wont break the bank.
There are 36 titles in the Diving & Snorkelling range. Apart from Guam & Yap, Belize, Bermuda and Cozumel have so far received the Lonely Planet makeover treatment.
Gavin Anderson

Diving & Snorkelling Guam & Yap by Tim Rock, Lonely Planet Publications (0171 428 4800). Softback 144pp, £9.99