Appeared in DIVER July 2007


The Last Attempt
This review has been censored

Olympic cycling champion and diver Chris Boardman once observed that chasing a record for which the ultimate limit was the death of the athlete concerned seemed rather strange. But freediving records, especially in the No Limits category, represent exactly that.
Venezuelan Carlos Serra was the business partner of Francisco Pipin Ferreras, a world champion at least as recognised by the duos own organisation, the International Association of Free Divers (IAFD). Serra witnessed at first hand the events leading up to the death of Pipins wife Audrey Mestre in her attempt to set a 70m No Limits record in the Dominican Republic in 2002, and tells us that he felt it necessary to set them down in print.
The Last Attempt is his own blow-by-blow account of what happened before, during and after the fateful dive. His accusations are explosive, to say the least.
I originally wrote a full description of the contents of this book and would have liked you to read it. Alas, The Last Attempt is so explosive that our lawyers would not allow us to publish the review!
So all I can tell you is that I couldnt put this book down until I had read it from cover to cover. Get hold of a copy and Im sure youll see what I mean.
I know that after such dramatic events people often have conflicting recollections, and that Pipin will have his own version of events. Either way, this book is a compelling read.
John Bantin
The Last Attempt, by Carlos Serra, Xlibris, ISBN 9781425738396. Softback, 288pp, £14.