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Configuration & the quest for perfection

Appeared in DIVER March 2016
In his sixth article in this series, SIMON PRIDMORE asks if your dive gear is set up as well as it could be, and suggests some techniques you could adopt to improve it. Photos by ANDREY BIZYUKIN

Risk Critical

Appeared in DIVER March 2016
Being lost at sea is every diver's nightmare, so which safety devices do you carry in your BC pockets or hung from D-rings? Pausing only to debunk some long-held myths (we'll get letters!) NIGEL WADE runs through the options

5 Things Tec Divers Do (that all divers should do)

Appeared in DIVER February 2016
Simon Pridmore identifies procedures followed by technical divers that every diver should consider applying to his or her own diving

Solo Diving

Appeared in DIVER January 2016
Continuing his series on diving technique, SIMON PRIDMORE takes a look at the buddy system. He concludes that on many occasions your buddy is not your friend. In which case you would be much better off assuming that this will be the case and preparing yourself always to assume full responsibility for your diving

What to do when it all runs out

Appeared in DIVER December 2015
In the third article in his series, SIMON PRIDMORE suggests techniques divers can adopt to be better prepared to deal with air supply emergencies

Maximise Your Surface Safety

Appeared in DIVER November 2015
For many divers their worst nightmare is being left behind by the boat. SIMON PRIDMORE sets out the steps to take to boost your sense of security.

Get the most out of drift diving

Appeared in DVER October 2015
Go with the flow is the obvious advice but Simon Pridmore says a little more knowledge can work wonders for confidence

Scuba professional

Appeared in DIVER September 2015
SIMON PRIDMORE's latest book is aimed at people who make a living from recreational diving, principally instructors - but it offers a fascinating insight into the other side of the leisure-diving coin that all divers will appreciate. Here are two extracts

Do you dive by night?

Appeared in DIVER August 2015
Some divers simply don’t do night dives, and others aren’t too sure about them. RICHARD ASPINALL suggests that those who usually opt for an early dinner step out of their comfort zone and embrace the darkness

Wreck 'tec in a day

Appeared in DIVER July 2015
The new PADI/ NAS course claims to be no more than a starting point – WILL APPLEYARD gives it a go.

SCUBA review

Apeared in DIVER January 2015
Once diving slips from your repertoire of activities, it can be very hard to get back into it. GAVIN PARSONS shadows an ex-diver aiming to do just that.

Precision buoyancy control Part 2

Appeared in DIVER December 2014
Mastering defensive buoyancy procedures can save lives. Developing midwater buoyancy control skills makes diving easier and more enjoyable. STEVE WARREN and ANDREW PUGSLEY present the second and final part of their workshop for both instructors and all divers who want to improve their own buoyancy.

Precision buoyancy control

Appeared in DIVER November 2014
How many divers drop out because they never feel comfortable under water? How many just wing it through their diving careers? Way too many, say STEVE WARREN and ANDREW PUGSLEY, in the first of a two-part core-technique feature aimed at instructors and students alike.

Face/OFF - When freediving met CCR

Appeared in DIVER July 2014
Both closed-circuit rebreathers and breath-hold offer a means of bubble-free immersion, but that's where any similarities end. How would two instructors fare, learning each others unfamiliar style of diving? Freediver EMMA FARRELL reports, with photography by GAVIN PARSONS

King Edward's diving lessons

Appeared in DIVER May 2014
Its good of these school-teachers to take time to encourage their pupils to explore the underwater world but, as DUNCAN RAYNOR readily admits, their motives are not entirely selfless

No panic, please - we're divers!

Appeared in DIVER December 2013
Your stomach is churning and you feel sick. You sweat, your skin changes colour, your breath becomes faster and shallower and your vision is restricted. Panic attacks are worse under wate...

PADI's gateway to TEC

Appeared in DIVER November 2013
For divers wanting to advance into the technical sphere, PADI offers its Tec Deep programme, and Tech 40 is step one. NIGEL WADE heads for the Red Sea and Camel Dive Club to play fly on t...

Push the easy button

Appeared in DIVER September 2013
Don't worry, be happy, is the advice of GUE instructor GARETH BURROWS, who presents seven guidelines designed to let us spend more time under water, and less time fretting

There and back again

Many divers rely on guides for safe passage under water, but even for them there will inevitably come a time when they find themselves alone at sea. JOHN BANTIN provides some basic tips f...

Technical rescue

Appeared in DIVER October 2012
Recovering a stricken diver from depth involves some big decisions, and it helps to think ahead. Seven of the UKs leading technical-diving instructors discuss what they would do in such a...

Three degrees and dropping

Appeared in DIVER July 2012
JO CAIRD heads to the London School of Diving to prepare to take the plunge in UK waters by taking a PADI Drysuit Diver course

PADI Shark Awareness course

Appeared in DIVER April 2012
PADI Shark Awareness course Deep Sea World, Edinburgh - Entering Room 101

PADI goes bubble free

Appeared in DIVER April 2012
NIGEL WADE sets out to qualify as a PADI Rebreather Diver, with a diversion into dentistry!

Free at last

Appeared in DIVER March 2012
Lawrence Moran travels to Dahab in Egypt to become a freediver

Near-breath experience

Appeared in DIVER January 2012
Stray too far from your buddy under water, and you might find coping with an out-of-air situation a bit of a trial. Were back at TekCamp, as JOHN LIDDIARD joins some divers who have been ...

I'm finning backwards for Christmas

Appeared in DIVER December 2011
JOHN LIDDIARD has often been asked: How do you fin backwards, did you learn to do it as a photographer? No wonder everyone wants to get the knack

PADI goes solo

Appeared in DIVER August 2011
How our man NIGEL WADE became the UKs first to qualify as a PADI Self-Reliant Diver. is the agency's new course truly a milestone moment

Naval review

Appeared in DIVER March 2011
It's strictly military, but dive clubs could do worse than note the Sea Cadets energetic approach to diver training. In another of our articles on young divers, John Liddiard steps forwar...

The perfect tow

Appeared in DIVER August 2010
In-water rescue breathing - where does it all go wrong? Time to sharpen up your skills, with the help of John Liddiard

Underwater School days

Appeared in DIVER May 2010
Once the preserve of skiers and climbers, these days diving is on the curriculum on school trips, and parents are happy for their offspring to learn their skills abroad. Stuart Philpott l...