Stern anchor hawse pipe detached from the hull of the popular Somali wreck, Northumberland.

Popular destinations for a diving holiday in the North-east begin south of the border with Seahouses and the Farne Islands, then extend north of the border to include Eyemouth and St Abbs.
All have wrecks, scenic diving with profuse marine life, usually good visibility, and seals - but more of UK divers favourite marine mammals later.
Micky Greenwood and Potters Bar BSAC of Herts first visited Seahouses for a long weekend with Sovereign Diving in 1996. They returned the next year for a week, and the holiday has become an annual fixture for the club every year since then.
On the first trip we had seals, wrecks, good visibility and a brilliant skipper who gave us two slackwater dives a day, says Micky. Now its even better, because we know our way around the reefs and wrecks. Andy the skipper is finding new sites every year.
Our group is a mixture. We have whole families, some couples and individuals. We have one couple with children who share the diving. Most of us stay in Sovereigns B&B, and the families tend to rent houses. For evening meals, when were not eating in the pub or at the chip-shop, we have a barbecue at one of the families rented houses.
The Farne Islands provide plenty of opportunities for good scenery and marine life without having to go deep.
We tend to stay in the 9 to 35m depths, with 90% of the dives on nitrox. We like to spend our time diving, not decompressing, says Micky.
We love all types of diving, especially with the seals. The Crumstone is a favourite that always seems to deliver seals and abundant marine life. I think we were the first club to do a night dive on the islands - on the Blue Caps.
The Farne Islands also have a fair number of wrecks that fit into the above-35m depth range, the most famous being the Somali, a 6809-ton steamship bombed and sunk in 1941.
The Somali is good for what you might find. There are lots of bottles. I did my 1000th dive on it, says Micky.
He sums up what many feel about their favourite British diving holidays: British diving is challenging and adventurous, but its not just the diving, its the craic, the friendship and having a great skipper who makes it all worthwhile. While I can still dive, Ill continue to return.

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    Micky Greenwood and Potters Bar SAC keep coming back to Seahouses.